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2111Newsletter 2014.08.15 - 一起 来参与明天的 "硅谷中国社 区服务论坛“

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  • svwa.newsletter
    Aug 15 12:28 AM

      1.  Fourth SVWA "Silicon Valley and China Volunteer Community Service Forum" on 8/16/2014

      8月16日下午2点,Palo Alto, CA

      硅谷女性将于8月16日下午2点举办第四次"硅谷中国社区服务论坛",邀请你们光临参加。论坛的主持人为硅谷女性会长葛平. 我们的演讲嘉宾有欣欣教育基金会会长丁永庆,硅谷女性理事会主席张晓枫,华人扶轮社社长孙振凯,益公益交流中心执行长吴靖,来自中国的农村妇女公益心理咨询师周永红。硅谷女性将与大家分享我们近年来在慈善公益文化方面的成果和进展,汇报我们长年捐助位于四川贫困山区的”硅谷女性欣欣小学”,为品学兼优家境贫困的聋哑学生建立的一对一捐助”大爱无疆”慈善相目,以及承办的美华文学杂志.我们将与大家一起探讨如何将非营利组织办得更好,一起共享资源,携手发展。并与益公益交流中心来自中国的公益心理咨询师一起, 在公益活动中不断学习,总结,提高.  線上報名處 

      Dear SVWA members and friends,

      Silicon Valley Women Alliance (www.svwomeon.org, SVWA) is exciting to organize the “Fourth Silicon Valley and China Volunteer Community Service Forum" at 2 pm on August 16th, 2014, Palo Alto. We have invited several distinguished speakers from California and China. At this forum, we will focus on "Service Learning" because non-profit sector has to learn and improve for continuing growth. We will exchange information with volunteers from China, share our thoughts and learn from each other.

      We sincerely invite you to attend the Forum, discuss how to improve ourselves through "Service Learning" with volunteers from China. 

      Date:  August 16, 2014, Saturday
      Time:  1:30 pm to 2:00 pm -- Registration         
                2:00 pm to 4:00 pm – Keynote speeches and Discussion
      Venue: Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, Courtyard 1B 
                 650 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304

      1:30 - 2:00 pm Registration and Networking
      2:00 - 3:30 pm Keynote Speeches
      Moderator: Betty Ge, President, Silicon Valley Women Alliance
      Each speaker delivering 15 min. presentation.

      1) Steve Ting, President, ShinShin Education Foundation
      2) Xiaofeng Zhang, Chairwoman of BOD, Silicon Valley Women Alliance.
      3) David Sun, President, Rotary Club of Silicon Valley Chinese.
      4) Wujing Harrison, Executive Director of Yigongyi Center for Nonprofits
      5) Yonghong Zhou, Psychosocial Worker/Psychiatrist and Grassroots Expert from China
      (helping women and children, especially in rural areas)
      3:30 - 4:00 pm Discussion and close mark

      Registration here
      Contact:  Lisa Tow by email lisatow101@...

      Speaker’s Bio: 

      吴靖,益公益交流中心. Wujing Harrison has over 20 years of experience working with nonprofits, universities, governments and businesses in various capacities. She directs a grassroots nonprofit think-and do-tank, Yigongyi Center for Nonprofits (aka U.S.-China Exchange for Nonprofits), on the development and exchange of nonprofit best practices.  She is also China Initiative Consultant to School of Social Welfare, U.C. Berkeley; adjunct professor at School of Social Development and Public Policy of Beijing Normal University; Vice Chairman of Beijing Public Advancement Foundation. Wujing has been invited by faculty and instructors at Beijing Normal University, UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, University of San Francisco and Indiana University to advise undergraduate and graduate students or talk in classroom. 

      She was executive director of The Zigen Fund, a nonprofit promoting rural education and development in China, and finance director of George Mark Children’s House, a startup nonprofit hospice care facility. She serves (served) on Boards and committees of various international and community nonprofit organizations. She was an associate professor in Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. 

      Wujing has a Ph.D. in Thermo-Physical Engineering from China Academy of Sciences (1994), and a Master's degree in Economics from University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2002) 



      《请把你的手伸给我》,周永红著,东方出版社出版,2013年12月. 《请把你的手伸给我:一个女心理咨询师的十年乡村咨询手记》记述了作者十年多来自学心理学和如何走上公益之路的心路历程。风风雨雨走了10年,从乡村的田间地头,到农户的炕头;从村委会到我的小咨询室;从孤独、迷茫,到今天的快乐和充实,在农村心理健康这个没有被业界关注的处女地,作为一个拓荒人,作者走出了一条属于自己的道路。

      孙振凯, 华人扶轮社社长. David Ri Sun, the Founding President of Rotary Club of Global Chinese in Silicon Valley. David is a CPA graduated from Thunderbird, Global School of International Management in 1999. He has over 10 years accounting and finance management experiences in industries, banking, real estate & mortgage loan, international trading, high-tech startup and biotech companies. He took the accounting and finance management role with the US headquarter of the largest public biotech company in South Korea. David also practiced at a famous firm in bay area, focusing on international taxation and testation. His firm Apobridge International provides business & individual tax filing, tax planning, bookkeeping, foreign account & assets reporting, finance & tax consulting and auditing. 

      2. 報告:硅谷女性參加2014年華人體育運動會開幕列隊 - 圖片