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2066[SVWomen]Newsletter 2013.04.24 -- charity show update

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  • Newsletter SVWA
    Apr 24 5:14 PM
      Dear SVWA members and supporters, please come to the charity show for Ya'an's earthquake 

      time: 5th May 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm (Sunday)

      address: CPAA Arts Center, 6148 Bollinger Road, San Jose, CA 95129

      Dear friends:
      On April 20th, 2013, an earthquake occurred in Ya'an, Sichuan province, China. Nearly 200 people died, thousands of people were injured and became homeless.
      In order to show our compassion, call for more attention to this catastrophe and also practically contribute to help people there to rebuild their home, Northern California Sichuan folks Association, Guizhou Oversea Promotion Association, Silicon Valley Sichuan University Alumni, Chinese Performing Arts of America and Silicon Valley Women Association will co-organize a show for charity purpose on May 5th, 14:30 (Sunday) in CPAA Arts Center.
      In this show, a disaster live video will be played first, followed by recitation, singing, musical instrumental performance. The details of program schedule will be announced soon. No tickets required.
      There will be donation process during the event. No matter how much you donate, it’s a good way to express your compassion for people there.
      All the donation funds will be sent directly to the disaster areas . Also Northern California Sichuan folks Association will track the donation and report its usage.
      Silicon Valley Women Association has set up a charity account for this activity. We can provide the charitable donation receipts which can be used for tax deduction. Please make your checks payable to "Silicon Valley Women Association" or simply "SVWA” and also write “for 4/20 Sichuan Earthquake Reliefin the memo entry. If you need the tax deduction receipt, you can get it on-site or we can mail it to you. In this case, please specify receiver’s name and address.
      Donations ways (new update)
      A) on-site donation
      B) check mail: Henry Hu, 14861 East Hills Dr., San Jose, CA, 95127
      a. Please make checks payable to “Silicon Valley Women Association ” or simply “SVWA”
      b. Please writefor 4/20 Sichuan Earthquake Reliefin the memo entry
      Charity show:
      Time: May 5, Sunday, 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm
      Address: CPAA Arts Center, 6148 Bollinger Road, San Jose, CA 95129

      Northern California Sichuan folks Association
      Guizhou Oversea Promotion Association 
      Silicon Valley Sichuan University Alumni
      Chinese Performing Arts of America
      Silicon Valley Women Association


              420四川雅安地区发生了7级地震,近二百人不幸死亡, 一万多人受伤,二百多万人遭受财产损失。 在家乡同胞遭受严重的地震灾害之际, 湾区的巴蜀乡亲和各界朋友非常关切和忧虑。 为了以实际行动表达慰问之情,北加州巴蜀同乡同学会, 贵州海外促进会,四川大学硅谷校友会,飞扬艺术团和硅谷女性协会 将于55日,星期天下午两点半在飞扬艺术中心联合举行“ 心系灾区”义演会。义演会将首先播放部分灾区实况录像或图片, 接下来有朗诵,演唱,演奏等曲目。筹委会将很快公布节目详情。

              义演会将安排精彩节目,但不收门票。希望各位乡亲, 各位朋友向遭受了灾难的同胞奉献一份爱。捐献不在于多少, 在于表达一份关怀,一份情意。
              所募款项将通过适当途径直接送到灾区,尽量落实到具体受难家庭。 巴蜀同乡会将委托专人跟踪款项用途并随时向捐款人报告。
              慈善捐款免税需有501C3 表,特委托硅谷女性协会为这次雅安赈灾设立一个专用帐户, 收据可以用于免税。支票抬头请写“Silicon Valley Women Association"或简写”SVWA“。在支票备注栏( the memo entry)请写上 “for 4/20 Sichuan Earthquake Relief”。 需要免税收据的朋友,请于义演会现场领取。如果不能参加义演会, 也可以邮寄收据,请写明姓名和收信地址。

      二)邮寄:Henry Hu, 14861 East Hills Dr, San Jose, CA 95127. 支票抬头请写Silicon Valley Women Association" 或简写SVWA".备注栏请写“for 4/20 Sichuan Earthquake Relief”。

      义演时间:55日,星期天,下午2:30- 5:30
      义演地址飞扬艺术团, 6148 Bollinger Road, San Jose, CA 95129

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