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2062[SVWomen] Newsletter - 2013.03.29

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    Mar 29, 2013
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      Dear SVWA members and supporters, please join us in SVWA's "Biggest Loser Challenge" event!

      Dear Friends:
            I would like to ask for your support in donating money to SVWA in the form of supporting the "biggest loser" - we want to bring public awareness of healthy weight because overweight is the source of most of health problems(heart attack, diebets, liver failures, even cancer), and at the same time, raise funds for SVWA's 2013 charity objectives. I am looking for sponsors for our members who want to lose weight and achieve life time healthy weight management - you sponsor one person for every pond he/she loses, and donate $5 to for every pond los in three months after he/she starts weight management program. 
            Please let me know if you want to be a sponsor, and we find you a "loser" :). Please also forward this message to others.

      Shue Han Chou
      SVWA President

      Program Details:

      We will take the "Loser"s initial weight, then for every pond he/she loses in three months after he/she starts weight management program, the paired "Sponsor" will donate $5 for each of the pond to SVWA.

      We are actively looking for both weight losers and sponsors.

      Please contact us by Email to SVWA.Newsletter@... if you are interested to be a sponsor or a weight loser!

      Can’t find your partner? Don’t worry! We can find you a perfect "loser" or sponsor :).