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October Meeting Notes

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  • Robert Lawson Brown
    SVMUG - Silicon Valley Mac User Group October 20, 2003 Schedule for tonight (Updated: we changed it!): 7:00-7:15 Introduction 7:15-8:00 Main Demo - Kawika
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2003
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      SVMUG - Silicon Valley Mac User Group
      October 20, 2003

      Schedule for tonight (Updated: we changed it!):
      7:00-7:15 Introduction
      7:15-8:00 Main Demo - Kawika Holbrook shows iMovie
      8:00-8:15 Cortland's Corner - nifty OS 10.3 features
      8:15-8:30 Break Time
      8:30-9:15 Q&A
      9:15-9:30 Wrapup

      New People
      Paul - Adobe Systems - checking us out.
      Peter - software product manager
      Orrin - a Switcher! Switched his whole office to Mac!

      Tonight's iMovie demo is the first of four iLife demos.
      First of 4-part iLife series.

      Please submit your questions using our forms, for Q&A later tonight.

      Sailing Clicker is an app for Bluetooth phones that lets you remotely
      control Mac apps. Find it at
      http://homepage.mac.com/jonassalling/Shareware/Clicker/ or check


      Wayport special offer

      90 connections of up to two hours - free!
      At MacDonald's, until the end of the year.
      Coupons available at **** http://www.wayport.net/mcd/ibmfreeconnect

      The offer is extended as a part of a market pilot and survey
      program by Wayport.
      Each e-mail address may have up to 90 connection sessions, each
      session up to
      two hours in duration.

      Wayport services corporations and business nodes (hotels, etc.).

      Typically, the service can be accessed from the parking lot.
      The service is 10Mbps 802.11b protocol.

      MacWorld SF Expo Discount for user group members
      November 10 -- Free Exhibit Hall Pass
      December 8 -- 15 percent off Conference packages

      Learn More at the MUG Center.


      The User Group Priority Code is: E-SFMUG.

      O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference - Monday October 27 - Thursday October 30
      Keynotes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

      Apple special event for Panther rollout on Friday October 24.
      8 pm - midnight
      (waiting lines typically start forming at 6 pm)

      iTunes for Windows has been downloaded by more than 1,000,000 users in
      just four days.
      Some rollout problems have been noted:
      firewall configuration problems,
      legacy file deletions.

      Apple is providing Windows Support pages on the Apple web site.

      By the way, iTunes installations include Quicktime and Quicktime
      The player is automatically configured to handle QT content.

      The iTunes Music Store is getting 70% of Internet music sales,
      prior to the Windows rollout.

      Apple has formed a co-promotional program with Pepsi. An ad will appear
      at the Superbowl. 300 million bottles of Pepsi branded drinks will be
      distributed, with one-in-three bottle caps giving the lucky user a free
      song from the iTunes Music Store.

      This is the third major revolution that Steve Jobs has driven.
      personal computers
      graphic user interface
      online media sales

      AOL deal - AOL music service has a one-click jump from them to
      the iTunes store. Apparently the AOL store is piped to the iTunes

      News from Virginia: G5 based supercomputer.
      2nd fastest machine in the World, at a cost of $5M.
      The fastest clustered supercomputer cost $300M!

      Google uses 100K distributed processing boxes.

      Mid-November, a supercomputing conference may offer some
      details on the performance.

      VaTech is offering free instructions on how-to-build-your-own.

      Apple at the Paris Expo demonstrated a cordless mouse and keyboard.

      "The End of the Tether"

      The connection is via bluetooth. The computer will automatically
      discover the remote devices, and setup a pairing that will allow
      the keyboard or mouse to exclusively work with the host computer.

      The range is about 30 feet.

      The price are $70 for either a mouse or keyboard.

      Dot-Mac accounts are up for renewal now - be sure to renew!

      New generation iPods are able to record, via a third party microphone

      Microsoft is revising their strategy toward security issues.
      No more kernel patches - instead a perimeter policy will be


      Safari will not work with Citibank - pop up windows must be enabled!

      My previous PC network used a LinkSys print server on an HP LaserJet -
      is there a Mac solution?

      Use a Direct Jet card, cost of about $20. Use the TCP/IP Appletalk

      iDataPro and Stickybrain. See Lynda, to discuss how it is used.

      Panther must be run on B&W G3 or later, and all iMacs or later.
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