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Free MW tkts, Woz & Guy, iTunes bkup, etc

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  • Scott T Spencer
    Here are some recent Mac oriented items I ve run into, some on other Bay Area MUG mail lists (ebMUG, BMUGWest, SVMUG). Several of these groups (all free) run
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2006
      Here are some recent Mac oriented items I've run into, some on other
      Bay Area MUG mail lists (ebMUG, BMUGWest, SVMUG). Several of these
      groups (all free) run free mail lists that are somewhat more verbose
      than our own SMUG list (read: more traffic, leading to more answers!)

      From BMUGWest in SF comes this one regarding free MW exhibit tickets:
      /quote on
      Register now!

      Priority Code: PC0337 <-- thats a ZERO in there

      order soon, dunno when this code expires (maybe Dec 11th? maybe earlier?)
      feel free to share...
      /quote off

      And, from random Internet browsing,

      1) A pointer to an hour-long video chat between historic Mac figures
      Guy Kawasaki & Steve Wozniak.
      Oddly, the referenced site is that of the UK version of MacWorld;
      but, the video was done locally at the Commonwealth Club. Go figure!
      The occasion relates to the new Woz biography.

      2) My daily I'net reading includes the Mac website called DealMac
      (all the Mac bargains, all the time) which includes a frequently
      useful "forums" feature where people share views on a wide variety of
      problems. I enjoyed this one on "iTunes backup procedures". I was
      impressed by the guy who has ~95 gigs of recorded music -- to back
      up. Just how many CDs would that be? Check

      3) Finally, I note that ebMUG (Emeryville) is having a visit on 12/14
      by the Fujitsu people who came to the Nov '06 SVMUG meeting -- to
      demo their SOHO document scanning solution. (The raffle winner, who
      got one, was one happy camper!) SVMUG (Cupertino) will have Granite
      Digital (high-end disk people) on 12/18. GD is/are experts on SCSI,
      Firewire, and SATA disk technologies. Related websites are
      "ebmug.org" and "svmug.org", altho the latter doesn't appear to have
      the correct meeting info up, yet!

      Cheers, Scott

      P.S. Somewhere I read that Other World Computing also has a free
      exhibits pass offer (as they had last year). I can't immediately lay
      my hands on the URL; but, a search around http://eshop.macsales.com
      might turn it up! (I just checked; and it does. It looks also to
      expire after 12/11!))

      2nd P.S. If this email falls into unexpected hands -- I'd note that
      tomorrows (12/4) SMUG meeting is to feature an Apple Store speaker
      discussing iWeb. This and future meetings will return to "historic
      Panofsky Auditorium". Check
      for info & maps.

      Scott T. Spencer aka smug_info@...
      SMUG Membership Assistant
      Menlo Park, CA
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