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O'Reilly newsletter for October 1st, 2004

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  • Robert Lawson Brown
    ================================================================ O Reilly News for User Group Members October 1, 2004 ... Book News ... -Exploring the JDS
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      O'Reilly News for User Group Members
      October 1, 2004
      Book News
      -Exploring the JDS Linux Desktop
      -XML in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition
      -Adobe InDesign CS One-on-One
      -Adobe Encore DVD: In the Studio
      -Building the Perfect PC
      -Head First Servlets & JSP
      -Java Threads, 3rd Edition
      Upcoming Events
      -Peter Morville ("Information Architecture for the World Wide Web")
      Information Architecture & Findability Seminar,
      San Francisco, CA--October 25
      -Dru Lavigne ("BSD Hacks"), EuroBSDCon, Karlsruhe, Germany--
      October 27-November 2
      Conference News
      -O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, Santa Clara, CA--October 25-28
      -Call for Participation: The MySQL Users Conference--
      Proposals are due by November 1
      -O'Reilly Now Distributes SitePoint Web Development Books
      -Hacking PayPal
      -The New Bloglines Web Services
      -O'Reilly's New Magazine for Technology Projects--"Make"
      -Move Beyond Amateur Filmmaking
      -O'Reilly Digital Media Professionals Directory
      -Open Source Content Management with Plone
      -FreeBSD Bag of Tricks
      -Save 50% on Linux/Unix System Administration Online Courses
      -Introduction to Quartz 2D for QuickDraw Programmers
      -Top Ten Tips for Mac OS X Con 2004
      -Troubleshooting Printer Problems
      -Master Pages in ASP.NET
      -Reporting Application Errors by Email
      -Groovy, Java's New Scripting Language

      Book News
      Did you know you can request a free book to review for your
      group? Ask your group leader for more information.

      For book review writing tips and suggestions, go to:

      Don't forget, you can receive 20% off any O'Reilly, No Starch,
      Pragmatic Bookshelf, SitePoint, or Syngress book you purchase directly
      from O'Reilly.
      Just use code DSUG when ordering online or by phone (800-998-9938).

      ***Free ground shipping is available for online orders of at
      least $29.95 that go to a single U.S. address. This offer
      applies to U.S. delivery addresses in the 50 states and Puerto Rico.
      For more details, go to:

      New Releases
      ***Exploring the JDS Linux Desktop
      Publisher: O'Reilly
      ISBN: 0596007523
      "Exploring the JDS Linux Desktop" is the ideal guide to JDS: it's clear
      and direct, but loaded with insights from authors who have spent time
      working with, supporting, and enhancing the system. The book carefully
      covers such housekeeping chores as setting up networking, updates, and
      backups. It enters into great depth concerning the key productivity
      every user needs: email, web browsing, instant messaging, word
      spreadsheets, and slide presentations. And it includes chapters and
      appendices on useful tools and system add-ons.

      Chapter 4, "JDS Networking," is available online:

      ***XML in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition
      Publisher: O'Reilly
      ISBN: 0596007647
      There's a lot to know about XML, and it's constantly evolving. But you
      don't need to commit every syntax, API, or XSLT transformation to
      you only need to know where to find it. This powerful new edition is the
      comprehensive XML reference. Serious users of XML will find coverage on
      just about everything they need, from fundamental syntax rules, to
      of DTD and XML Schema creation, to XSLT transformations, to APIs used
      processing XML documents.

      Chapter 9, "XPath," is available online:

      ***Adobe InDesign CS One-on-One
      Publisher: O'Reilly
      ISBN: 0596007361
      Adobe InDesign is widely regarded as the page layout/publishing program
      for the new millennium. In this book, Adobe-certified expert Deke
      McClelland guides you, at your own pace, through twelve step-by-step
      lessons that are packed with entertaining and informative real-world
      projects. There are more than 500 full-color photos, diagrams, and
      shots, as well as tips and tricks for tapping into InDesign's most
      powerful capabilities. Also included are two hours of video instruction
      CD that will help you master fundamental and advanced concepts, best
      practices, and techniques.

      ***Adobe Encore DVD: In the Studio
      Publisher: O'Reilly
      ISBN: 0596006004
      If you're looking for a stimulating way to master Adobe Encore DVD and
      fine-tune your moviemaking skills, here it is. This full-color tutorial
      will help you push the limits of Adobe Encore DVD by helping you create
      highly imaginative designs and projects. Designed for Adobe Creative
      developers and filmmakers, this book combines practical learning
      and project-based lessons. With this comprehensive tutorial, you'll be
      able to quickly develop professional-looking DVDs studded with special
      effects worthy of a Hollywood studio.

      Chapter 2, "Deconstructing DVDs," is available online:

      ***Building the Perfect PC
      Publisher: O'Reilly
      ISBN: 0596006632
      For many computer users, a ready-made system is about as satisfying as a
      frozen microwave dinner: sure, it works, but it's not exactly what you
      need or want. Don't accept the assortment of components bundled for your
      price point; build your own PC. With straightforward language, clear
      end-to-end instructions, and extensive illustrations, this book covers a
      variety of complete systems and their components. Regardless of your
      experience, you can take control and create your ideal machine.

      Chapter 1, "Fundamentals," is available online:

      ***Head First Servlets & JSP
      Publisher: O'Reilly
      ISBN: 0596005407
      "Head First Servlets & JSP" will help you truly understand the latest
      version, J2EE 1.4, of Servlets and JSP. You'll learn how to write
      and JSPs, what makes the Container tick, how to use the new JSP
      Language (EL), and even some server-side design patterns. Written by the
      creators of the Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) 1.4 exam,
      this book will help you pass the exam, talk about Struts at dinner
      parties, and put Servlets and JSP to work right away.

      ***Java Threads, 3rd Edition
      Publisher: O'Reilly
      ISBN: 0596007825
      The new edition of this classic book shows you how to take full
      of Java's threading facilities, and it brings you up to date with the
      significant changes in Java 2 Standard Edition version 5.0 (J2SE 5.0).
      book incorporates the concurrency utilities from java.util.concurrent,
      new chapters cover thread performance, using threads with Swing, threads
      and Collection classes, thread pools, and threads and I/O. Get a
      step-by-step approach to threads programming.

      Chapter 5, "Minimal Synchronization Techniques," is available online:

      Upcoming Events
      ***For more events, please see:

      ***Peter Morville ("Information Architecture for the World Wide Web"),
      Information Architecture & Findability Seminar,
      San Francisco, CA--October 25
      Peter leads a new full-day seminar on information architecture from top
      bottom, explaining how search and navigation systems can be designed to
      support and shape user behavior.

      ***Dru Lavigne ("BSD Hacks"), EuroBSDCon, Karlsruhe, Germany--
      October 27-November 2
      Dru discusses "But I'm not a developer...how can I contribute to open

      Conference News
      ***O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, Santa Clara, CA--October 25-28
      This conference brings together what you need to know and what you want
      experience. You'll learn how to solve the day to day problems of
      computing, leverage the power of scripting, improve the performance of
      your network, and protect your systems from intrusion. You'll also get
      to speed on grid computing, home automation, streaming media, how to
      your own TV studio, and much more.

      Use code DSUG when you register and receive 20% off conference pricing.

      To register, go to:

      O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference
      October 25-28, 2004
      Westin Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA

      ***Call for Participation: The MySQL Users Conference--
      Proposals are due by November 1
      From embedded solutions to web-commerce and critical business
      applications, MySQL is everywhere--with more than five million active
      installations worldwide. To introduce new users to MySQL and help
      developers and IT professionals keep pace with the latest advancements,
      MySQL AB has teamed up with O'Reilly Media, Inc. to co-present the third
      annual MySQL Users Conference, scheduled for April 18-21, 2005, in Santa
      Clara, CA.

      For complete conference details visit:

      Visit the submissions page for all the details on tracks and proposal
      guidelines--this year's theme is "MySQL Everywhere." Proposals are due
      later than November 1, 2004.

      News From O'Reilly & Beyond
      General News
      ***O'Reilly Now Distributes SitePoint Web Development Books
      We're now the exclusive distributor of SitePoint Pty. Ltd.'s books in
      North America, launching SitePoint books into the retail channel,
      providing direct sales, warehousing and shipping, plus direct marketing
      and PR support. Founded by Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle, SitePoint
      has enjoyed great success as one of the first online resources for web
      developers and designers. Today, 1.8 million visitors a month peruse
      forums, articles, and blogs. The company launched their book publishing
      program in September 2001, has six popular titles in print, and is
      planning to double the number of in-print titles in the coming year.
      SitePoint books will be available in North American bookstores as early
      October 2004.
      For a list of current and upcoming books, see:

      SitePoint's "Around the World" competition asked SitePoint book
      to submit photos of themselves with their favourite SitePoint book in
      exotic locales, with famous people or local landmarks. The top of Mt.
      Fuji, Acropolis, Equator, set of NBC News, and the Austrian Alps are
      a few of the locations that SitePoint customers took pictures of with
      their books in order for a chance to win an Apple iPod. To view entries
      and winners, go to:

      ***Hacking PayPal
      Here are two hacks designed to make PayPal more customer-friendly,
      profitable, and accountable, plus an additional hack to catch Instant
      Payment Notification (IPN) system errors. Get all the tools and details
      you need to make PayPal more profitable, more flexible, and more
      convenient from "PayPal Hacks."

      ***The New Bloglines Web Services
      Marc Hedlund takes a look at the new Bloglines Web Services APIs and
      effect on the RSS/Atom landscape, and presents a complete, three-pane
      desktop RSS/Atom reader written in just 150 lines of code with the
      programming language.

      ***O'Reilly's New Magazine for Technology Projects--"Make"
      "Make" is due out in January 2005, is loaded with exciting projects that
      help you make the most of your technology at home and away from home.

      We've received many suggestions about how we can turn "Make" into a
      magazine. But there's still time for you to give us your input. Here are
      some ways you can join us in the creation of this magazine:

      1. The "Make" Workshop--Imagine somebody took all your tools away and
      handed you a $100 gift certificate that you could spend on hardware at
      your local big box hardware store. What are the essential things you'd
      buy? Now, up the price to $300--what would you outfit your workshop
      How about $750?

      2. What Are You Using These Days?--In each issue we'll run reviews of
      stuff. We're interested in hearing about the things you already use and
      love. Tell us about your favorite new (or old!) tool, magazine, book,
      instructional video, gadget, web site, etc. in a 300-word email. If we
      decide to run it, we'll pay you.

      3. Projects--Do you have an idea for a technology-related project? It
      doesn't matter if it's large or small. Tell us about it. If we like it,
      we'll ask you to write it.

      You can send email suggestions to marsee@... and please include
      "Make Magazine" in the subject line field.

      Digital Media
      ***Move Beyond Amateur Filmmaking
      The jump from casual video recording to professional filmmaking requires
      more steps than many artists realize. Sonoma County filmmaker Susan
      walks you through the paces in this illuminating article.

      ***O'Reilly Digital Media Professionals Directory
      Check out our new nationwide directory of photographers, musicians, and
      filmmakers. Here's where you can browse our directory, find and rate
      professionals, and enter your own listings. You must be logged in with
      your O'Reilly account to create or rate listings.

      Open Source
      ***Open Source Content Management with Plone
      Publishing web sites is easy for geeks. When you're tired of your users
      asking you to make tiny changes that they could easily handle
      it's time to consider a content management system (CMS). If you're a
      Python or Zope fan, you may have heard of Plone, a powerful and
      easy-to-use CMS. If not, let Brad Bollenbach convince you to give it a

      ***FreeBSD Bag of Tricks
      Software junkies like Dru Lavigne always file away interesting new
      programs for their bag of tricks. In this installment of FreeBSD Basics,
      Dru demonstrates how to use usermin for easy webmail and reveals the
      convenience and glory of TheOpenCD.

      ***Save 50% on Linux/Unix System Administration Online Courses
      O'Reilly is offering a 50% discount on the Linux/Unix Certification
      from their O'Reilly Learning Lab. Save nearly $1000 on these online
      courses--and earn a University of Illinois System Administration
      Certificate. Every class includes compelling, hands-on content, root
      access to a Linux server, an online coach, and a free O'Reilly book. Use
      the code ORALL1 to get your 50% discount.

      To enroll for the Learning Lab Linux/Unix Certification Series go to:

      ***Introduction to Quartz 2D for QuickDraw Programmers
      Apple is moving from QuickDraw to Quartz for the handling of 2D graphics
      in Mac OS X. Scott Thompson introduces you to the concepts behind Quartz
      2D, and explains how to make the transition from QuickDraw.

      ***Top Ten Tips for Mac OS X Con 2004
      The upcoming O'Reilly Mac conference will be different than your typical
      tech gathering--requiring that you prepare differently, too. Program
      Derrick Story shares his top ten "getting ready" tips for this

      ***Troubleshooting Printer Problems
      Not being able to print is rather annoying, for both users and the
      administrators who come to their aid. Mitch Tulloch shows you how to
      quickly troubleshoot and solve printing problems.

      ***Master Pages in ASP.NET
      On many web sites, it is important to achieve a consistent "look and
      as the user moves from page to page. While this was possible with .NET
      1.1, it was difficult and required both programmer and designer
      discipline. ASP.NET 2.0 makes this far easier with the creation of
      pages. Jesse Liberty shows you how master pages work in ASP.NET 2.0.
      ***Reporting Application Errors by Email
      Even if your application logs an error to a local file, the developer
      doesn't know there's a problem until a user notices it and sends the log
      file back. It can be more useful for apps to email their own error
      messages back. And as Sean C. Sullivan explains, it's not hard to do
      either log4j or java.util.logging.

      ***Groovy, Java's New Scripting Language
      When experienced Java developers hear about Groovy, their first reaction
      is often, "Oh, no, not another scripting language for Java." Ian Darwin
      had the same reaction, until he took a good look at Groovy. Ian is the
      author of "Java Cookbook, 2nd Edition."

      O'Reilly User Group Wiki
      Don't forget to check out the O'Reilly UG wiki to see what user groups
      across the globe are up to:

      Until next time--

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