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NASA offers free aero/fluid dynamics software for OS X

Steve, My Google serach turns up: http://www.macworld.com/article/1024399/tetruss.html http://aaac.larc.nasa.gov/tsab/tetruss/mac/ Panoply netCDF, HDF and GRIB
Jose Francisco Medeiros
Aug 28

Fwd: Need To Find A User Group That Deals With Scientific Software

From: charles phillips Subject: Need To Find A User Group That Deals With Scientific Software Date: August 26, 2015 at 11:47:49
Steve Bellamy
Aug 26

Lynda Gousha was on a Podcast!

I just finished listening to Bart Bousschots’ Let’s Talk Apple broadcast (Episode: Special 1) in which he had Lynda as a guest speaker. As normal, I had
Aug 24

Intuit puts venerable Quicken up on the block | Macworld

Interesting piece of news…. especially considering that Intuit is scheduled to be our meeting speaker in October. I am a long time user of Quicken for Mac.
Aug 24

Re: maddening email question

You and I both Mike. Other then signing up for the no spam list, and enabling spam filtering in your Gmail settings, I can't suggest any thing else.
Jose Francisco Medeiros
Aug 23

Re: Remembering folder settings in OS X 10.10

Glen, I tried emailing you at your SBC Global email address and it is bouncing, I think those uploaded OS X 10.5 DVD images are corrupt. I tried downloading
Jose Francisco Medeiros
Aug 23

Re: Remembering folder settings in OS X 10.10

First off,  let me THANK ALL OF YOU for the help.  Those minutes we spent together save me hours of time. I did put in 10.4 this morning and it worked
Aug 21

Remembering folder settings in OS X 10.10

In Mondays meeting some one asked the question on how to have OS X 10.10 remember the folder and file view settings on individual finder windows when the size,
Jose F. Medeiros
Aug 21

Protection against unmatched vulnerability (Italian teenager)

TinkerTool System 4: What's new? http://www.bresink.com/osx/300644207/history.html http://www.bresink.com/osx/300644207/history.html TinkerTool System 4:
Aug 19

Squeeze your Bluetooth mouse:-)

Yesterday in the meeting Daniel came over and told me he found a solution to the mouse intermittently loosing the connectivity. Squeeze the top and bottom
Ilana Braun
Aug 19

Re: iPhone 6 Plus (AT&T) blue screen/rebooting

Trying to come at this from a different direction now...trying to manually backup my phone to my MacBook Pro...unfortunately, I keep getting the blue
Daniel Jett
Aug 19

maddening email question

I must have gotten on the wrong site as now the spammers have my email. I am getting anywhere from 50 to over a hundred spams a day. when they come they are
Mike Tulper
Aug 19

Re: iPhone 6 Plus (AT&T) blue screen/rebooting

By the way, I followed your advice, Robert, to perform a reset...still having crashes. Daniel
Daniel Jett
Aug 19

Re: iPhone 6 Plus (AT&T) blue screen/rebooting

Hi, all... Just a quick update. After my last two crashes (happened 25+ times today) I started combing through the diagnostic and usage data logs...I happened
Daniel Jett
Aug 19

Re: iPhone 6 Plus (AT&T) blue screen/rebooting

Good morning, all! Well, after a great conversation with a VERY GOOD Apple Care representative, it seems my fears are confirmed: "Looking into the diagnostic
Daniel Jett
Aug 19
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