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Our first Richter -book Dear friends, Things take time, as written in the FB page Sviatoslav Richter - The Wellspring of Imagination and other books "This book has been on way for a
Antti Sairanen
Mar 23
Re: New Books Great news. Heartfelt thanks Ates, for posting this.
Feb 21
New Books SVIATOSLAV RICHTER ôKonzertographie 1938-1995ô by Falk Schwarz - Book Size: cm.16x24 - IN GERMAN - Two volumes: 1140 pages all together - Private Edition -
Ates Tanin
Feb 20
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Re: Richter blog Caro Giorgio, Thank you for the post. Although I am aware of this splendid blog, there may be other members who do not yet know about it. It is a marvelous
Dec 31, 2013
Richter blog Dear all, Along with my best greetings for a splendid 2014, may I suggest to have a look to an important Richter site (here is the link:
Dec 28, 2013
Britten Centenary On the day celebrating the 100th birthday of Benjamin Britten here in the UK, I have a plea to anyone kind enough to consider sharing some rare non-commercial
Nov 23, 2013
our coming 1st Sviatoslav Richter book Dear all you, It was our Yahoo group that introduced me to Walter Moskalew. Some members were asking him to write about his cousin, Richter in rather an
Antti Sairanen
Nov 18, 2013
Moscow Conservatory issues Dear friends, I am writing to ask if anyone has definitive information on the 2011 Moscow Conservatory Richter issues. I had heard that they were being
Leslie Gerber Personal
Oct 5, 2013
Re: Fwd: 105 - SVIATOSLAV RICHTER- It's someone's private collection, not a box set of any kind. Perfectly legit. Il Diapason is just a middleman here. But " all Richter-CDs published from the
Polarius T
Sep 16, 2013
Fwd: 105 - SVIATOSLAV RICHTER- The Collection of All Published CDs dear richter-friends i just want to inform you about this 550 cd-box ildiapason sells now. is that all legal? best, peter conradin zumthor ... dear
peter conradin zumthor
Sep 16, 2013
Huge collection of Richter cd's available at Ildiapason Dear group, The classical webstore Ildiapason from Milan is offering to sell a complete collection of more than 550 cd's by Sviatoslav Richter. Their
Sep 16, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter What a fascinating memory to have! I'm afraid Gavrilov and Sokolov make a rather sad comparison now. As great as Gavrilov was back in the day, Sokolov now
Sep 15, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter Richter was keen to learn how the others played, a piece or just some tricky part. That he had chosen Gavrilov may have had something to do with AG's
Antti Sairanen
Sep 15, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter Well, I saw Gavrilow and Richter together as early as summer 1976; this was on Richter's piano festival in the Touraine. Gavrilow was with no doubt the new
Sep 11, 2013
A new photo of Richter's Grave has been posted Thanks to Joel Stein, photo by Catherine Smenton. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sviatoslavrichter/photos/album/1787464199/pic/1903605128/view
Paul Geffen
Sep 5, 2013
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Re: Gavrilov on Richter Gavrilov's memoirs will be published in German in November. On his website you can order an electronic version in Russian (in "online shop"). He says his book
Sep 4, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter Gavrilov's memoirs were actually briefly available in Russia some years ago but the book was soon withdrawn, on Gavrilov's own request. Moody character ... The
Sep 4, 2013
deciphering Aldeburgh venues Having just returned from a short Suffolk holiday in which I paid my first visit to Aldeburgh (a really beautiful seaside town, very peaceful), I was trying to
Sep 3, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter I remember seeing a video clip made around the time of the 1979 Tours Handel dual recitals. Richter was delicately suggesting that he thought Gavrilov would be
jack hoyer
Aug 30, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter Gavrilov is very active on Facebook and has at least 3 different dedicated forums there for himself: 1) https://www.facebook.com/AGPIANO#_=_ which is the "cult
Aug 30, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter From: dmitri knessin "I remember him destroying a Steinway like I have never seen before (Prokofiev 8). The poor instrument was trembling under the weight of
David Finney
Aug 30, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter [ quote from Gavrilov follows ... ] Richter's protege? There is an opinion present in the Russian press that I made an international career for myself as the
Ates Tanin
Aug 29, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter And when you come right down to it, guys, who actually cares what Gavrilov thinks? Regards- Shelly Prof. S. Rackovsky
Shalom Rackovsky
Aug 29, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter The way Gavrilov describes Richter is more how I always thought Gavrilov himself should be. Hiding behind his half long hair, sunglasses, narcissistic stage
dmitri knessin
Aug 29, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter Can somebody just cut and paste already? None of the links works for us. -z ________________________________ From: grand.concerto To:
Zsolt Bognar
Aug 29, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter You can also try looking here: https://www.facebook.com/AndreiGavrilov1?ref=profile (try scrolling) ~K
Aug 29, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter Nor could I. If Richter were Gavrilov's age now I cannot see him using Facebook, much less posting half-naked pictures of himself! Stephen
Stephen Churley
Aug 29, 2013
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Re: Gavrilov on Richter Hi, It is a pity that Gavrilov´s memoirs are not published yet, they include many pages of his complex relation to Richter. Erkki
Aug 29, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter Here: https://www.facebook.com/AGPIANO/posts/553573478023181 and here: https://www.facebook.com/AGPIANO/posts/553579314689264 Best regards Edwin [ I tried
Edwin van den Berg
Aug 29, 2013
Re: Gavrilov on Richter I started here: https://www.facebook.com/AGPIANO but I could not find it. -- Paul
Paul Geffen
Aug 29, 2013
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