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RE: [svg-developers] SVG Dial Control & Image Loading

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  • Peter Schonefeld
    Hi Kevin, Thanks for your comments! ... Good idea. ... I ve carried this technique across from DHTML. For lack of a better term i call such shapes event
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 28, 2001
      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your comments!

      > It would be nice (again not necessary) to extend
      > the area outside of the control so that mouse
      > movements can update the control even when not
      > directly over the control.

      Good idea.

      > Paul Hounshell told me about a technique that he
      > uses that could be used as a fix. He defines a
      > non-visible shape over the control (or possibly
      > the whole SVG image). You can then use this
      > shape to capture all of your mouse events. This
      > way you can define a region around the control
      > without having to use the control itself for your
      > events. I haven't had a chance to try it yet,
      > but I think that it is a good way to solve this problem.

      I've carried this technique across from DHTML. For lack of a
      better term i call such shapes 'event zones'. I agree that
      they are very useful in SVG and were essential in building
      the dial control.

      > > Q. How do you implement a 'Loading...' scene as
      > is common in flash?
      > This is something I've been curious about too. I
      > was thinking that it would be possible to create
      > a two-stage process using ASV3.
      > 1.. Create an empty SVG document that has an
      > onload handler
      > 2.. Use the onload handler to talk to a script
      > on the server (via postURL). The server script
      > passes along the rest of the SVG document to
      > build. That way the onload handler can create
      > elements in the DOM (and keep them hidden until
      > complete) and also update a progress bar as it goes.
      > Again...another thing that would be fun to try,
      > but...<enter-lame-excuse-here/>

      That sounds like something that'll do the trick. It would be
      good if you could overcome the <enter-lame-excuse-here/> and
      give it a go ;)

      The method I was trying to describe (not very well) was
      utilising the image object. Although this wouldn't be
      perfect, it may be able to let you know when large images
      have downloaded to the client.

      In script type: var imgTest = new Image();
      then do a 'for (in)' statement to see all of the goodies

      How to use these goodies is my problem. It's a bit like a
      pinata that won't break. The imgTest.src seems to accept the
      linked file...but I can see no way of passing that image to
      the SVG canvas.

      I've been looking at SMIL and notice that that spec uses
      <img> tags with a 'src' attribute. I wonder why SVG deviated
      and introduced <image> instead?

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