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SV: [svg-developers] ALL NEW HTML5 CSS3 Website

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  • Roger F. Gay
    Also; Since the site uses sessionStorage and datalist, it has to exclude MSIE to a large extent. MSIE users are redirected to a help page section that explains
    Message 1 of 6 , May 1, 2013
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      Also; Since the site uses sessionStorage and datalist, it has to exclude MSIE to a large extent. MSIE users are redirected to a help page section that explains that their browser is "too bad" to use the site and suggests using something else.

      Från: Roger F. Gay <rogerfgay@...>
      Till: "svg-developers@yahoogroups.com" <svg-developers@yahoogroups.com>
      Skickat: lördag, 27 april 2013 7:09
      Ämne: SV: [svg-developers] ALL NEW HTML5 CSS3 Website

      Thanks for the comments, Jason. If you started a mere 30 years ago, then I'm probably older than you are. :)
      This is just my first webshop, not my first time at a barn dance. Speaking of, "they just don't make 'em like they used to": 
      -     I did the whole thing myself and my IDE was Notepad. It's like, the way they build a Rolls Royce.
      I pretty much do everything I possibly can with Java SE, creating fast, efficient code with a very small footprint. The last significant thing I did was to build a full-fledged Websocket server that you can run on your cell-phone (or on a big whopping machine if you want ... I'm just sayin' full functionality with a small footprint).
      In the webshop, lots of functionality has been pushed out to the browser, distributing some of the processing load to the users' machines and speeding up some operations for them no matter where they are. It's all really fast, except for whatever wait and transfer times there are on the users' Internet connections, so that's a plus. Running local has pretty much no wait times ... I even preload product images when I can get away with it. (Works pretty well when there's more than one "unique item" with the same name ... first one might take Internet time, but the rest load too. ... ) 

      I've spent a lot of time in Chrome, but Firefox has a better implementation of datalist. Chrome searches as you type from the beginning of the option text. Firefox will find your search string anywhere ... so, if someone is looking for a Sachs motor part, Typing 'Sachs' in Firefox gives them everything with Sachs in it while Chrome responds with only those options that begin with Sachs. IE10 doesn't do anything, so I'm going to shut down the datalist for v10 the same way I have for v9. Anyone with an older IE version gets sent directly to the help page where they are given instructions to download a better browser.

      I'm excited and happy about the new level of support for standards, but we're not quite at the point where browser differences are no longer a problem. Microsoft is still the biggest pain in the butt, but I think we're far enough along where it's time they either get with the program or they can't play. Google Chrome Frame doesn't seem to solve the problem, so I'm thinking Microsoft ripped us off there too ... and themselves. 

      BTW: The best answer I know of so far re: font differences is google fonts. I'm actually using google fonts on the webshop main page after seeing them load fast enough to be acceptable. (In my trials, they seemed to load very fast.) But there's a need for very very interesting fonts that match the spirit of the business on the big buttons and I just wasn't successful getting any sort of match that worked. What looked good in one browser was nothing but a smashed together blob in another.

      Från: Jason Barnabas <jtbarnabas@...>
      Till: svg-developers@yahoogroups.com
      Skickat: tisdag, 23 april 2013 4:33
      Ämne: Re: [svg-developers] ALL NEW HTML5 CSS3 Website

      Roger F. Gay wrote:

      <snip>> I tried SVG to fashion the big buttons on the first page,
      > but there was too much variation in fonts in different
      > browsers. After trying to fix that for a while, I gave up
      > and went with fixed images instead; even though I am now
      > using a google font for the home page.
      > The site is: http://mopedum.se/

      Hey Truphone,

      One of the many things I like about using actual text in
      SVG images is that it can be translated without human
      intervention. It may look funny, but if you're used to
      viewing translations of foreign language sites you are
      accustomed to the occasional bit of oddness.

      I like to have things just the way I want them when I do
      web development and have for a long time; however, the down
      side to that is that the viewer might not be able to have
      things the way they *need* them.

      For example, I am more than thirty years older than I was
      when I started as a web developer. In those 30+ years many
      things have changed, and I don't just mean in the technology
      or implementation of various aspects of web development, but
      also in myself. Not just the way I think and feel, but also
      some of my capabilities.

      In the old days you could always resize the text so you
      could read it; however, sometimes today I run across
      websites where the text is in 6.5 and there is nothing I
      can do to make it larger short of copying and pasting it
      into another application.

      Unless I really need the information and that site is the
      only place I can get what I need, I am unlikely to continue
      using it because there are better designed sites elsewhere
      with the same or similar information.

      I mention all of this only to remind you that if the
      differences are not too great for you to live with, perhaps
      a little flexibility for the sake of the viewer would be a
      good thing.

      I used to have customers who insisted on having things
      exactly the way they wanted them even when I would try to
      explain why something not quite exactly what they wanted
      would be better. Some of them got it and others didn't.
      None of the ones who didn't still have active websites or
      made much on the sites they had, even during the dot com

      Jeeze, I sound like one of those old coots going on about
      the good old days. OTOH, I learned a lot by listening to
      old coots. :-D


      I must be travelling,

      tc+ ?23 ?mgt mt tne ?t20 t4++ ?t5 ?tp tg+ ?th ?to
      ru- ge++ 3i c++ jt- au+ ls pi+ ta+ he+
      kk++ hi+ as+ va+ dr ?ith vr ne so+ zh vi da sy

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