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Re: [svg-developers] Filter transformations

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  • Jason Barnabas
    ... I got a 404 on that. If a link is enclosed like a tag
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 5, 2012
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      honyk <j.tosovsky@...> wrote:

      > Hi Jason,
      > >> http://bilyujezd.cz/other/fePointLight.svg (works in Firefox only)
      > >> Is there a more efficient way?
      > > I don't use Opera, but this one works in Chrome.
      > > ... radialGradient ....
      > RadialGradient is indeed much better approach in this case,
      > thanks for the tip. It is much more compatible than my
      > filter.
      > Anyway, has anybody an idea how my filter should look like?
      > I've noticed it is rendered with that grey background even
      > in Inkscape and Opera. In 100% zoom it has different
      > appearance in every browser (Chrome/FF/Opera). It behaves
      > strangely when zoomed in/out (except Opera). What is the
      > gauge? The only reference I found is this test, but it
      > doesn't show exactly what I need:

      I got a 404 on that. If a link is enclosed like a tag <tag>
      the mail handling software usually recognizes it as a link
      and won't break it.

      I can't find your original image. If you want to repost the
      link for it I'll look at it again in FireFox, assuming
      that's what you want it to look like. In the mean time you
      might try to Google "3d lighting effects SVG"

      I must be travelling,

      tc+ ?23 ?mgt mt tne ?t20 t4++ ?t5 ?tp tg+ ?th ?to
      ru- ge++ 3i c++ jt- au+ ls pi+ ta+ he+
      kk++ hi+ as+ va+ dr ?ith vr ne so+ zh vi da sy
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