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FW: [Blindmath] Version 0.0.20 of SVGDraw01 is now available for download

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  • Pranav Lal
    Hi all, The below may be of interest to some of you. You can create most SVG diagrams in this program and it can be used by anyone. Pranav ... From:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2011
      Hi all,

      The below may be of interest to some of you. You can create most SVG
      diagrams in this program and it can be used by anyone.


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      Subject: [Blindmath] Version 0.0.20 of SVGDraw01 is now available for

      Although the name of the program is SVGDraw01, this is not a posting about
      SVG. Instead, this is a posting about making it possible for blind people
      to communicate with the rest of the world through the use of the
      mathematical concepts embodied in the Cartesian Coordinate System.

      Version 0.0.20 of my drawing program for blind users is now posted at:
      http://www.austincc.edu/baldwin/SWT-SVG/SVGDraw01.zip and is available for
      immediate downloading.

      There are several new features in this version, including the addition of
      the Vector as a primitive shape type. The new features are highlighted at
      the beginning of the user instructions, which are attached to this message.

      To use this free program and begin creating drawings of your own, you
      simply need to download the zip file using the link that is provided above.

      Next, you need to extract all of the material from the zip file into an
      empty folder being careful to preserve the directory tree structure. Don't
      extract into the root directory. One user has reported problems accessing
      the Help file when the contents of the zip file were extracted into the
      root folder.

      Execute the file named RunSVGDraw01.bat to run the program. You may get a
      warning that the program came from an unidentified source. Only you can
      decide whether to ignore the warning and run the program, or to cancel out.

      It is not necessary for you to have Java or any other special software
      installed on your computer to run this program. You should even be able to
      extract the contents of the zip file onto a USB flash drive and run the
      program on any Windows system, Version XP or later, with 32-bit or 64-bit
      hardware. Of course, you don't have to use a USB flash drive, I mention
      that simply to emphasize the flexibility that you have with the program.

      When the program starts, you will land on Home Base from which you can
      press F1 to open the help file, or select any of the actions provided by
      the menus. Instructions for opening the menus are printed on Home Base.
      Alternatively, you can simply open the file named SvgDraw01.Instructions.htm
      in your browser and read the instructions without running the program. As
      mentioned above, a copy of the instruction file is attached to this message.


      Richard G. Baldwin (Dick Baldwin)
      Home of Baldwin's on-line Java Tutorials

      Professor of Computer Information Technology
      Austin Community College
      (512) 223-4758


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