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Re: Firefox 5

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  • cremnosedum
    Hi, ... This is unfortunate as I use this a great deal. ... Roll your own zoom and pan is extra work and potential for complications. I have a sequence where
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 20, 2011

      I'll be responding to your points below:

      --- In svg-developers@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Longson" <longsonr@...> wrote:
      > > No support of filters that require the background graphic (yes I do have an enableBackground="new" attribute in my root element). Objects with filters that require this just don't appear (but can receive events).
      > None of Firefox 5, 6 or 7 will have that unfortunately.

      This is unfortunate as I use this a great deal.

      > > No way to zoom or pan (or is there one I can't find?).
      > Zoom and pan is implemented but there is no UI. You can roll your own e.g. https://jwatt.org/svg/tests/zoom-and-pan-controls.svg

      Roll your own zoom and pan is extra work and potential for complications. I have a sequence where I have changed the viewbox (if I remember corectly, I certainly zoomed into a certain part of a picture) and it seems to interfere with javascript events (although another place where I've done this doesn't - don't know why).

      > > image elements (particularly ones referencing SVG files) aren't always placed correctly.
      > I'd love to see as simple testcase for images. You know that javascript is disabled in images don't you?

      I know that Javascript is disabled in images. <rant>I don't understand why images can't be treated like internal svg elements, obvioulsy the browser already has the functionality required. I can see how this could cause problems but the developer should be aware of that and avoid different functions with the same name etc. or perhaps exploit consistent rules about what overrides what. Javascript, SMIL, referencing other external files etc. could also be optionally disabled in images. I'd have thought this would be simple to impliment and greatly expand the potential of SVG.</rant> I also know this isn't unique to Firefox. This problem has nothing to do with Javascript (or at least not in the external SVG files - they don't have any). The problem is images appearing to be scaled to slightly smaller than they should be with respect to the origin of the parent svg. Some images don't appear at all. This doesn't seem entirely consistent and I haven't figured out the pattern.

      > > Some issues with fonts being wrong, the wrong size or text missing (seems to be fancyer fonts that are the problem).
      > There is a text layout fix in Firefox 6 but there are still known issues even now. We do insist that font-size has units if it's set using CSS which may be an issue for you. Are these WOFF fonts or SVG fonts or TrueType fonts or something else? Again an example would help.

      I haven't checked how I've specified the units. Early on I just worked on the basis that px would be used as the default but I think I changed that, I may have missed some. I think the problem is mostly with SVG fonts (I only use them or common fonts that are likely to be on the user's computer - the latter is the majority and those seem to work coretly).

      Unfortunately these comics are very complicated and I don't have much time to work on test cases (I took me a while to figure out the display/javascript bug that makes Opera 11 pretty much useless for viewing them). Has anybody noticed these problems in something simpler?

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