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Re: Batik doesn't allow adding JavaScript properties to node objects

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  • th_w@ymail.com
    Hi Cameron, ... Yes, I find them convenient, too (that s why I posted). Bit now that I m aware of the problems they have I ll certainly be more careful with
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 4, 2009
      Hi Cameron,

      --- In svg-developers@yahoogroups.com, Cameron McCormack <cam@...> wrote:
      > th_w@...:
      > >
      > > This all makes me wonder whether expando properties are so good after
      > > all.
      > I like them. :-) I think allowing properties that don’t clash to be set
      > on host objects should be required, since that behaviour would be more
      > in line with how native objects operate.

      Yes, I find them convenient, too (that's why I posted). Bit now that I'm aware of the problems they have I'll certainly be more careful with them.

      > > User defined properties might e.g. cause collisions if the object's
      > > native property set might be extended in future versions.
      > Yes, that’s one downside. Picking a property name that starts with,
      > say, an underscore seems relatively safe though.

      I think it would be quite nice if the node object had a subobject that the user can mess with without worries, like

      nodeObject.userProps.myProperty = "something"

      Anyway, attaching properties directly to the object is still easiest to read and write.

      > > I guess this might be the reasoning behind the setUserData features.
      > I think setUserData() exists because the DOM is meant to be language
      > binding agnostic, and in some (most?) other languages, like Java, you
      > can’t extend them with arbitrary properties. So it was added to allow
      > arbitrary key/value pairs to be associated with Nodes.

      Ah, I see - of course. Cameron, thank you very much for this very informative course on JavaScript and the DOM! It's great to have people around who care to share their expertise.

      Thomas W.
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