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Re: [svg-developers] SVG Open paper abstracts deadline extended till end of this month --Sunday May 31

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  • ddailey
    As the good folks at Google would point out: SVG is popping up everywhere.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2009
      As the good folks at Google would point out: "SVG is popping up everywhere." (http://google-code-updates.blogspot.com/2009/05/svg-open-2009-svg-coming-of-age.html )

      So much so, that they're inviting members of our very own SVG community to present our work, there (in their very midst, at Google headquarters) in October of this year.

      The only hitch is that you'll have to submit, for peer review, a brief abstract of the paper you hope to present. (Some of us have actually been known to write the paper after the abstract has been written! But, sssshhhh -- don't tell anyone!)

      Just go to http://www.svgopen.org/2009/ and follow the obvious link.

      Oh, and though the deadline has been extended to May 31, that particular date is approaching rapidly!

      This marks the first time the conference has been in the US. What a better opportunity than now might you ever have to demonstrate why you think open standards, graphics, wireless and the web all share a common destiny? (You are right: they do!)

      Even if you cannot present a paper, be sure to attend. But wouldn't it really be more fun to present a paper?


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