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Re: converting SVG animation

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  • Frank Bruder
    If you re serious about without a plug-in , then Flash and QuickTime are out of the question, since no browser supports them natively. The only format for
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 27, 2009
      If you're serious about "without a plug-in", then Flash and QuickTime are out of the question, since no browser supports them natively. The only format for animated graphics which is supported by all of the major browsers (and not only by the major ones) is GIF.

      Conversion of animations was recently discussed in another thread:

      One of the replies pointed to a Firefox extension which can convert animated SVG to APNG:

      That address went straight to my notes, but I haven't tested the extension yet.
      If it works good enough for your graphics, then you would need to convert from APNG to animated GIF, which is more widely supported than APNG. This can be done with ImageMagick. GIF works with palettes of maximally 256 colors, so something will be lost in the conversion from true color APNG to GIF.

      Batik supports animation, but unfortunately there are no commandline options for easily converting animations to MNG or APNG.

      I think it's good practice to create static graphics first, and then add animations as extra feature in such a way that if all animate elements were removed, the static image would remain. Not only because of Firefox' lack of declarative animation support. I think it should be possible to switch animation off in the browser. Just think about how websites full of animated graphics might affect people with attention deficit disorder, or epilepsy.

      When graphics are designed such that animation is not a necessary feature to convey the meaning, it should also be much easier to find converters for creating fallback content in VML and PNG.


      --- In svg-developers@yahoogroups.com, Nicolas Graner <Nicolas.Graner@...> wrote:
      > Hello to all,
      > I have hand-crafted a few non-interactive SVG animations for my web
      > site, but nearly all my visitors complain that their browser cannot
      > display them. I would like to convert them to a format more generally
      > recognized by common browsers without a plug-in. What software can I
      > use to convert SVG animations to Flash, animated GIF, QuickTime or
      > whatever? Free or reasonably priced software preferred...
      > Thanks for your help,
      > Nicolas
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