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Re: [svg-developers] Google working on Javascript drop-in enabling SVG on IE

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  • Guy Morton
    Sounds like a great project, Brad. If you feel up to a challenge, look at http://lhr.webtrak-lochard.com/ HNY to you too. Guy
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 31, 2008
      Sounds like a great project, Brad.

      If you feel up to a challenge, look at http://lhr.webtrak-lochard.com/

      HNY to you too.


      On 29/12/2008, at 8:39 AM, Brad Neuberg wrote:

      > Hi Stelton I'm working on this here at Google as part of a group
      > focused on Open Web Advocacy. I'm using Flash to do the rendering and
      > tricks with an Internet Explorer technology called Behaviors to
      > support both static and JavaScript scriptable dynamic SVG. It will be
      > open source. I'm working with James Hight (Zavoo Labs) on it. I
      > probably have about 6 more months of work - I'm not completely ready
      > to be public yet. I'll post more details as things firm up. One other
      > aspect of the library is it allows you to embed SVG into normal non-
      > XHTML on all browsers (the browsers native SVG support is used on all
      > browsers except for IE). I identfied the inability to embed SVG into
      > normal HTML as one of SVGs impediments to adoption so the library
      > helps with that as well.
      > One thing I'm looking for are good launch partners using SVG and the
      > shim we are creating when things are ready to go public and launch.
      > When the library is launched I'd like to have a good set of launch
      > partners to help bring awareness and credibility to SVG and the
      > library, especially from large well known companies and projects. Feel
      > free to email me about this if you are interested and can help with
      > this!
      > My group here at Google is completely focused on helping to raise
      > awareness, adoption, and capability of Open Web technologies like SVG,
      > HTML 5, the Canvas tag, open video codecs, etc. My background is open
      > source and open web, with a focus on generally tricking existing
      > browsers into doing newer things with JaaScript libraries. More info
      > on the things you can blame me for at http://Codinginparadise.org/
      > about
      > Other members of my team here at Google pursuing different Open Web
      > directions includes Patrick Chanezon; Mark Pilgrim; Maile Ohye; Ben
      > Lisbakken; and Austin Chau.
      > Happy New Year!
      > On Dec 28, 2008, at 6:53 AM, "steltenpower" <yahoo@...>
      > wrote:
      >> See
      >> http://ukwebfocus.wordpress.com/2008/11/18/why-did-smil-and-svg-fail/#comment-69986
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