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答复:[svg-developers] How to get element app lied to element

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  • 杨 旭
    By now,ASV3.0 has not supported this application( nest ).,but you can do it through other method. For example,you shall add a ,and put tect
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2004
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      By now,ASV3.0 has not supported this application(<text> nest <a>).,but you can do it through other method. For example,you shall add a <rect/> ,and put tect behind the text.Because <tect> support the application (nest <a>).
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      主题: [svg-developers] How to get element applied to element

      Here is my code which creates <text> and <a> elements:

      data = svgdocument.createTextNode(sLabel );
      newtext = svgdocument.createElement("text");

      a_elem = svgdocument.createElement("a");
      ("http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink","xlink:href","http://"+ sURL)


      I got text object but I don't know how to get the <a> one.I tried
      with :

      but it doesn't work.
      Do you know how to get the <a> element applied to concrete <text>


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