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Re: XML and SVG Userdefined Database

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  • Jim Ley
    Burkhard Stollenwerk wrote in message news:000c01c3d1df$75fc7f60$9945fea9@o6l0a3... ... Yes, just stick it in a METADATA element.
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 3, 2004
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      "Burkhard Stollenwerk" <futurefarm@...> wrote in message
      > Hallo,
      > Could I mix SVG with other XML - Data?

      Yes, just stick it in a METADATA element. (not strictly required, you could
      just stick it inline metadata elements probably more neat.)

      > What have I to do to realise these Database within svg-code ?

      just use the regular DOM - firstChild etc. you can't use getElementById as
      the SVG UA won't know about the ID's but otherwise everything else works.
      What you can't do is put SVG elements as children of other elements and have
      that render. you'll have to construct SVG via the DOM from the XML source

      in SVG 1.2 RCC will make all this very neat, and very simple, might be worth
      considering using that depending on your release schedule.

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