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RE: [svg-developers] adobe-plugIn: SVG-fonts and other features

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  • Michael Bierman
    ... We do not support SVG fonts in our 1.0 Adobe SVG Viewer. It is our intention to support the entire specification, however the Candidate Recommendation very
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2000
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      > Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2000 1:32 AM
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      > Subject: [svg-developers] adobe-plugIn: SVG-fonts and other features
      > Michael Bierman of Adobe wrote:
      > > Our
      > > intention is to document the CEF format and
      > > encourage its adoption by other
      > > viewers and browsers.
      > Why not the SVG-font-format?

      We do not support SVG fonts in our 1.0 Adobe SVG Viewer. It is our intention
      to support the entire specification, however the Candidate Recommendation
      very extensive--more than 400 pages itself and references dozens of other
      recommendations and specifications which indirectly adds thousands of pages.
      Our initial priority was to implement the components of the Spec that
      designers would find essential to adoption. Subsequent releases will attempt
      to close the delta between the spec and the list of supported features. In
      the spec you'll see the following:

      "SVG fonts contain unhinted font outlines. Because of this, on many
      implementations there will be limitations regarding the quality and
      legibility of text in small font sizes. For increased quality and legibility
      in small font sizes, content creators may want to use an alternate font
      technology, such as fonts that ship with operating systems or an alternate
      Web font format."

      CEF fonts contain both hinting and kerning that address the issues above,
      and have the same inherent portability features as SVG fonts. At the same
      time, they don't rely on the end user having the font installed on their
      system as do OS fonts. The only issue is that for now, only the Adobe Viewer
      supports them. We would like to give other viewer developers the option of
      changing that, which is why I said we would be publishing additional
      information on the CEF format in the fairly near future.

      > It's cool, because it's SVG; thus it can be used in
      > SVG documents very well; sript it, style it, all in
      > combination with all the other SVG-features.

      The same is true of CEF fonts.

      > (Am I right that:
      > if I store a sitewide font in an external, central
      > file, and reference it throughout the site, the
      > several occurences will inherit the styles of the
      > containing elements or documents?)

      Yes, you can store a CEF or SVG outline font externally and reference the
      font across many SVG files.

      > I really hope we can count on Adobe to implement the
      > whole spec.

      See above.

      > Also:
      > I would like to use XML-namespaces in SVG-docs viewed
      > with the adobe-plugIn; to add semantics, and style and
      > script these containers. I mean namespaces, that don't
      > specify any behaviours (like Xlink and SVG do), thus
      > don't require extensive implementation; but authors
      > can assign any feature of any language the plugIn
      > supports to the tags.
      > I thought, since the plugIn supports CSS and SVG;
      > maybe it would be relatively easy to support
      > "basic/non-reactive/" XML-namespaces.
      > example:
      > <pink:bike
      > xmlns:pink="http://www.pinkjuicedotcom/svg">
      > <circle cx="100" cy="50" r="1000" style="fill:#000"/>
      > <circle cx="100" cy="50" r="0" style="fill:#F75"/>
      > .............
      > </pink:bike>
      > then style "pink:bike"
      > Or write text and style it's container to get a nice
      > text-box with wrapping etc.
      > Also on my wishlist:
      > SVG-path-animation is important.
      > Also:
      > Xinclude, Xpointer, CSS2, SMIL; but that's O.K. for
      > next christmas ;)
      > It's an SVG-plugIn, but SVG by design relies heavily
      > on other languages, like every new XML-namespace does.
      > Many authors, designers and developers are already
      > having fun with your *awesome* plugIn;
      > never stop!

      Thanks very much. The Adobe team works very hard on our SVG Viewer and on
      products like Adobe Illustrator. Other Adobe products will support SVG as
      well in future releases. While I can't comment on unannounced products, I
      think you'll be quite pleased with the authoring options you'll have.

      Just as importantly, I'm excited to see the progress of the SVG community
      come so far, so soon.

      > Tobi
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      Michael Bierman
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