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Re: Font problem

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  • Jim Ley
    Richard Smith wrote in message news:E1901BE2-B9C7-449F-850C3108977AFEA9rcs36@cam.ac.uk... ... I don t believe zapf dingbats is a unicode
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 30, 2003
      "Richard Smith" <rcs36@...> wrote in message
      > I cannot get ZapfDingbats to display in an SVG file
      > (IE6, ASV3). The characters are simply not drawn,
      >no error occurs. Can anyone explain this/suggest a workaround?

      I don't believe zapf dingbats is a unicode font - surely you could've
      provided an example url showing us. Convert the font to SVG, stick the
      chars in some private area of unicode and then you can use them.

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