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Re: Just yesterday I thought ...

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  • goessner@mecxpert.de
    ... another ... through ... david, maybe .net attempts to turn the web in something like windows :) let s assume, we decided to develop an xml - hmm.. -
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 4, 2001
      > Please tell me I am wrong, but, it looks like behaviours is just
      > attempt to turn the web into something that can only be accessed
      > Windows. Or am I just overly cynical?

      david, maybe .net attempts to turn the web in something like
      windows :)

      let's assume, we decided to develop an xml - hmm.. - browser.
      the first problem we have to face .. xml is a meta language ..
      xml has no elements defined .. we do not know what to render.

      no problem so far, we know xhtml, svg, smil, mathml. so we build our
      browser to render documents based on these languages (xml namespaces).
      we just finished our product, when we get a request to please render
      also the well known 'chemicalML' and the
      upcoming 'FiniteElementMarkupLanguage'. Since we have no time left
      and hear the 'FurnitureMarkupLanguage' knocking at our door, we
      refuse to do any further ML implementations.

      instead of dreaming of our universal xml browser, we decide now to
      support 3rd party xml-rendering-components and we name these
      * plugins
      * rendering-engines
      * behaviors
      or so ..

      now - don xml pointed it out - we have to define an API - an
      application programming interface. since we want to be platform
      independent, this seems to be no trivial task.

      the dom is not so much a problem, but the component model - COM,
      CORBA, .NET is what we have today .. and the API must not be
      proprietary, so we hand it over to the w3c.


      exactly that did microsotf & netscape, as they submitted the
      Behavioral Extensions to CSS to the www consortium ..


      so we have to address the w3c to come up finally with a
      standardized .. hmm - rendering component model.

      my 2 pf

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