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Re: Microsoft Recommends Migration of ActiveX Controls to Behaviors

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  • Peter Sorotokin
    ... based on ... with the ... use the ... http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/browser/behaviors/howto/belementb.a sp ... I need ... that. ... being phased ...
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 28, 2001
      --- In svg-developers@y..., "Don XML" <don_xml@h...> wrote:
      > Chris,
      > You make a great point! This behavior stuff is just another API
      based on
      > ActiveX (COM) with some very specific classes need to communicate
      with the
      > hosting app. To build a binary behavior (like MS would like) you
      use the
      > Active Template library that is in C++. You can find more about
      > implementing binary behaviors here:
      > So the short answer is that no Adobe shouldn't need 2 versions, but
      I need
      > to confirm this with MS if the folks at Adobe haven't already done
      > The long answer is ActiveX Controls (and ActiveX documents) are
      being phased
      > out of MS architecture. ActiveX is now legacy code. Just check
      out the
      > .Net development tools if you don't believe me.
      > Don XML

      COM itself is not being retired. Actually, COM is how
      C++ and C# (.Net) talk to each other. So it is more of
      a question of which COM interfaces are being used and
      which interfaces we choose to implement.

      Behaviours are nice for inline-embedded content,
      but with behavious we have to build DOM and CSS on top of
      IE's DOM and CSS. That means perfomance penalty, higher
      memory consumption and the level of standard compliance
      equal to whatever IE does. Therefore I think that
      standalone documents are still better off with current
      architecture. So I don't see it going away.


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      > Subject: Re: [svg-developers] Microsoft Recommends Migration of
      > Controls to Behaviors
      > Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 13:47:04 +1200
      > > The last line is the most important and impacts the Adobe SVG
      > > since it is an ActiveX Control. The SVG Viewer needs to be
      > > to a behavior if it is to work well in IE 6. This will also
      > > the z-index problem in IE. I'll be testing the SVG Viewer in IE
      > > and I'll let both parties know of any issues.
      > How will converting it to behaviours affect those of us who use the
      > Viewer ActiveX control in our own applications. I don't use IE to
      host the
      > control, my app is the ActiveX Control Container itself. Would this
      > that Adobe would have to have additional versions of the control,
      > ActiveX, one Behaviour, one Netscape, etc, etc?
      > Chris.
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