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Re: Acces SVG-page via ASP...

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  • manuel_bauwens@yahoo.com
    Thanx Don, I ll be doing that! ... represents ... section. ... try
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 26, 2001
      Thanx Don, I'll be doing that!

      --- In svg-developers@y..., don_xml@h... wrote:
      > Hotmail ate this reply from eariler in the day:
      > Manuel,
      > Sorry about complexity of my reply. What your are trying to do is
      > complex, but you need to start with an XML Parser. The DOMDocument
      > (DOMDoc for short), is an standard XML Parser object, that
      > the XML document. To find out more about the Microsoft Parser, you
      > can go here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/xml/default.asp You can
      > download the latest version of the parser from the download
      > Also, download the SDK. It contains the help files for the parser,
      > plus some examples. If you want more info and help with XML and VB
      > or VBScript, join the VBXML Yahoo group. It's better suited for the
      > type of help you are looking for.
      > Don XML
      > ----Original Message Follows----
      > Don,
      > Thanx for the explanation!
      > The only problem is that I don't understand the half of what you
      > to explain me ;-(
      > The raisen is I'm just on the XML/SVG stuff for about 2 weeks...
      > What I don't understand:
      > - What do you mean with the DOMDoc?
      > - What is the IStream format?
      > - The MS parser: where can I find more information about it's
      > capabilies?
      > Well that are the biggest questions...
      > Regards Manuel,
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