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ANN: dSVG 1.1 Specification and Test Suite Available for Download

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  • Gordon Bowman
    Corel is pleased to announce that the dSVG 1.1 Specification and Test Suite is now available for download (for evaluation purposes) at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2003
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      Corel is pleased to announce that the dSVG 1.1 Specification and Test
      Suite is now available for download (for evaluation purposes) at

      dSVG (Dynamic SVG) is an XML markup language, used by the Corel Smart
      Graphics Studio, which describes UI controls and behaviours (as well
      as an expression syntax). The UI controls were designed to allow
      complete customization of appearance, and to allow for use with forms
      without being tied to a forms-specific model. The behaviors were
      designed to be generic and higher level than DOM methods, so as to be
      more intuitive to non-developers. The resulting markup language
      facilitates the authoring of data-driven Web applications with little
      or no need for scripting.

      While script is very useful and powerful, markup has many advantages:

      - markup is more easily understood by non-developers
      - markup can be easily data-mapped and transformed using XSLT
      - markup can be easily generated via an authoring tool and customized
      by the author
      - markup is semantically meaningful, promoting interoperability on
      the authoring side
      - markup can be standardized, thus helping the adoption of SVG

      dSVG is currently implemented with script so as to work in different
      SVG Viewers. However, Corel has proposed dSVG to the SVG Working
      Group in the hopes that through a collaborative effort, dSVG will
      lead to the eventual creation of standard markup for UI controls and
      behaviors. These could then be natively implemented, bringing about
      even more advantages:

      - faster
      - less data to transfer
      - less need for a script engine on small devices (which can take up a
      significant part of the footprint)

      Corel has released dSVG 1.1 with the goal of allowing the SVG
      community (developers and non-developers alike) to experiment with
      the markup and to provide feedback. This feedback will help us to
      improve upon dSVG and will also help the SVG Working Group to better
      assess how the SVG community feels about such standard markup being
      added to the spec for the purpose of developing SVG-based Web

      We hope you will take the time to read through the dSVG spec, try out
      the test suite, and perhaps even create some of your own content. We
      look forward to hearing your comments.


      Gord Bowman
      Lead Developer, Corel Corporation
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