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Adobe SVG Viewer ships with Adobe Illustrator 9 including SVG Authoring

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  • Michael Bierman
    Adobe has just started shipping Adobe Illustrator 9, (http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/pressroom/pressreleases/200006/200006 02ai.html) which includes SVG
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2000
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      Adobe has just started shipping Adobe Illustrator 9,
      02ai.html) which includes SVG authoring. In addition, we have
      included our first "final" release of the Adobe SVG Viewer. (The
      press release for the Viewer was issued at 8am EST this morning and
      is located at

      This release of the Adobe SVG Viewer is based on the latest draft of
      the SVG Specification, dated March 3, 2000. The features contained in
      this release comply with that draft, but Adobe has not yet
      implemented all of the SVG specification. Adobe's intention is that
      future releases of the Adobe SVG Viewer will strive to achieve
      support for the full W3C SVG specification.

      Though we have not implemented all of the spec in this release, I
      think we've done an excellent job with the many features we've

      I welcome you to download the final viewer at
      www.adobe.com/svg/viewer/install/ and to see our new web site at

      A few of the SVG authoring features of Illustrator 9 are:

      * All graphic object that can be created in Adobe Illustrator 9.0 can
      expressed in SVG
      * Adobe Illustrator 9.0's advanced transparency features are mapped
      to the transparency features in SVG
      * Type1 and TrueType fonts can be embedded in the SVG file using
      Adobe's CEF (Compact Embedded Font) format, which supports fully
      hinting and kerning of Type1 fonts and has superior compression

      * Files can be exported as either uncompressed (i.e., normal SVG), or
      compressed (using industry standard, open source gzip/ZIP compression)
      * Hyperlinks can be assigned to any graphics object
      * JavaScript event handlers (e.g., onmouseover) can be attached to any

      I encourage feedback and will attempt to keep a page of external
      references as up to date as possible. Please send me any SVG related
      links that you'd like to see on our "Community" page at

      Note, there is also a SVG User form at

      Michael Bierman
      Senior Product Manager, SVG Product Marketing
      mbierman@... http://www.adobe.com/svg

      Adobe Systems - Inspiration becomes reality.
      345 Park Avenue
      San Jose, California 95110
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