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Re: mousdown event overrides/ignores click event

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  • Jim Ley
    Francis Hemsher wrote in message news:bbdffc+fj6m@eGroups.com... ... I do this without problem, I always end drag on a
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 1, 2003
      "Francis Hemsher" <francishemsher@...> wrote in message
      > The application requires drag/drop for the element, plus a means to
      > access the element to dynamically change/delete it via an onclick
      > event. MouseDown=start drag, MouseMove=drag It,
      > MouseUp=end drag. The OnClick event exposes the elements attributes
      > and children so the user can dynamically make changes to them.

      I do this without problem, I always end drag on a "background rectangle"
      aswell as the element, and since onclick guarantees that a mouseup is firing
      somewhere within the document, which means it doesn't matter if
      startDrag/endDrag are performed during a click event firing other than a
      slight extra demand in processing, which probably wouldn't cost 1/3rd of
      second in any case.

      > (Generally, functions are preferred
      > to be located on the HTML side, rather than CDATA in the svg, in
      > order to facilitate troubleshooting and maintain a seamless
      > development environment).

      I fail to see why this is really the case, since all you're really doing is
      adding complication to the development environment and adding potential
      sources of errors, an external script escapes the need for having CDATA

      > The site is more for an Intranet environment rather than something
      > for the general public. It is not intended to be accessed by
      > nonconforming environments or operating systems.

      I guess being in an environment without strong disabled rights legislation,
      for me that certainly wouldn't be an option (discriminating against an
      employee or potential employee isn't a good idea.) Also of course being in a
      situation where your application is so important to the environment that
      you'll have the power to dictate the environment, and prevent MS upgrades -
      as you note parent/top behaviour changed with the IE6 upgrade.

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