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Re: [svg-developers] Comming up article on MSDN about SVG and ASP.NET

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  • michael bolger
    Hi follow-up to Reto s message; ... and my post; ... I am forwarding this message (with permission) I recieved. michael -from Dennis Forbes; Good day to you!
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 2003
      Hi follow-up to Reto's message;
      > I don't know the author (maybe he or she is also on the list) so
      > let's have a look next month. Is the author sponsored by Microsoft?
      > http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/03/07/default.aspx
      and my post;
      > Hi Reto, here is some author/article related info;
      > http://www.yafla.com/papers/SVG/ or
      > http://www.yafla.com/papers/SVG/index.htm

      I am forwarding this message (with permission) I recieved.

      -from Dennis Forbes;

      Good day to you!

      Indeed, I am the author of the article in question, and am excited
      about "getting the word out", so to speak, about SVG. With the
      extraordinary XML featureset of the .NET Framework, and of course the
      tremendous functionality of SVG, it seemed a good time to expose a
      lot of developers to the benefits that they can derive by utilizing
      SVG in their products. Having said that, I wouldn't imagine that the
      article would be of great use to experienced SVG developers who
      obviously have already been exposed to SVG (nor is it intended as a
      deep technical discussion about the nuances of SVG), but rather it is
      intending to add a new technology/tool into the toolbox of the
      developers who read MSDN Magazine, most of whom have never used SVG.
      By introducing the technologies, and some glue techniques and
      solutions to using it in the real world, the desire is to start
      interested developers on the road to self-education.

      In regards to the original post: I've actually gotten probably around
      100 hits a day, on average, for people looking up .NET & SVG, to my
      page about yaflaSVG that I put up over a year ago (helping to spread
      the technology because I truly believe it represents a missing link
      on both the desktop and web applications). In response to whether the
      article was sponsored by Microsoft -- I think it's fair to say that
      the contents of MSDN Magazine (a tremendous magazine, though
      obviously I am a little bit biased) are usually aligned with the
      interests of Microsoft, and while I don't speak for Microsoft or the
      editorial board of MSDN Magazine (in any way, shape, or form. This is
      purely my own opinion), I do think that it's a very good sign for SVG
      that they're running this article...

      Thank-you for your interest, and have a great day!

      Dennis Forbes
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