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Re: SVG in Explorer 5.5

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  • Peter Sorotokin
    ... Jacobus: First of all, thank you very much for trying it and, even more importantly, giving us feedback on this code! ... Well, I am not sure what the
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 29, 2000
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      --- In svg-developers@egroups.com, Jacobus_Geluk@d... wrote:
      > --- In svg-developers@egroups.com, sorotokin@y... wrote:
      > > I uploaded more recent version (go to eGroups "Files" area, it
      > > should have svg_ie55.zip file there..
      > Found it and tried it. Works much better now, it actually copied all
      > tag I use. Some remarks:

      First of all, thank you very much for trying it and, even more
      importantly, giving us feedback on this code!

      > 1. I could not get my event handlers to work. Could it be
      > that the JavaScript functions I call should be available
      > in the scope where the SVG-peer objects live?

      Well, I am not sure what the problem is here... If you look at
      the Interactive.html file, you should see how event handlers
      can be defined (on svg element); check if they work for you
      (just open the file and click on any element). If you want to
      assign them through JavaScript, keep in mind that IE on***
      properties hold JavaScript _functions_, not _strings_. If this
      does not help maybe you could post a piece of your code? (I
      cannot promise that I will figure it out, though).

      > 2. The xlink:href tags are now copied correctly, but they loose
      > the default target. I mean, when the SVG picture is shown with
      > with an EMBED statement (i.e. not inline), clicking on some SVG
      > object with a xlink:href tag loads the new page in the same frame
      > as where the SVG picture is shown. If you use the inline-method
      > to show the picture, clicking on a link loads the page not in the
      > same frame but at "top" level.

      Good catch! I have to think about how to solve it.

      > 3. Wouldn't it be nice & handy to have an option "View DOM" instead
      > of "View Source"? View Source only shows the contents of
      > dummy.svg... Could give lots of understanding for dynamically
      > changed SVG images.

      Well, there is a trick that you can use: make sure that no
      text is selected, open context menu and select "Copy SVG". Paste
      it in you favorite text editor; now you have DOM snapshot.

      > It would be nice if the dummy.svg file would come from the explorer-
      > cache. I am not sure if that happens now...

      I am not sure why IE does not use it cache for this... We
      will have to look into this for the future release, I don't
      think anything can be done on JavaScript level.

      Peter Sorotokin
      software engineer
      Adobe Systems, Inc.

      > Anyway, thanks for your help...
      > Regards,
      > Jacobus Geluk
      > DOOSYS IT Consultants
      > The Netherlands
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