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Re: [svg-developers] Possible to break path in to several parts?

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  • Kevin Lindsey
    Robert, Is this what you mean? Kevin ... From: r_diblasi@hotmail.com To:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 30, 2001
      Is this what you mean?
      < path d="M10,10 h300 M20,30 h150 M5,20 h50" style="fill:none; stroke:blue"/>
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      Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2001 12:49 PM
      Subject: [svg-developers] Possible to break path in to several parts?

      Hello all,

               Is it possible to have a path that is 500px long,then draw
               300px of that path, then maybe draw 150px of that path,
               then draw the 50px that are left in the path?

               0px a-----------------------b------------c--------* 500px
                 |                                                   |
                 |  a------------------------a                       |
                 | c----------c                                      |
                 |        b---------------b                          |
                 |                                                   |
                 |                                                   |
                 |                                                   |
                  a,b,c are all the same path but drawn in differnt
                  places on the screen.

              This is your mission, if you wish to accept it :-)

      This would be really cool if it can be done with out scripting ....so
      try to think of a solution (if you want) that uses SVG elements first

      My greatful thanks to the individuals that wish to help me out.
      Robert A. DiBlasi

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