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Reminder: The Graphical Web 2015 -- call for papers is open

This year's conference is in Pittsburgh PA, September 23-26 and the call for papers is open http://www.graphicalweb.org/2015/ (this link from
David Dailey
Mar 29

Re: HTML+SVG+event listener

Hi Jean-Claude, svg is not a focusable element, so it doesn't trigger keyboard events. Replace root with document and it should be fine. Yannick ... De:
Mar 23

HTML+SVG+event listener

I'm disturbed by the following small and simple code which seems correct to me and if it works, must popup an alert each time a key is pressed; but it doesn't
Jean-Claude Moissinac
Mar 23

Good news concerning SVG SMIL/element-based animation syntax

In yesterday's Minutes, 16 March 2015 SVG WG telcon of the www-svg@... this discussion came up: It sounds as though things are much better than I feared.
David Dailey
Mar 20

Re: interactive SMIL being dropped by CSS (and thence, presumably by

Hi Domenico, There is more discussion of this and related topics at https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-svg/2015Mar/thread.html under the threads: new
David Dailey
Mar 19

Re: interactive SMIL being dropped by CSS (and thence, presumably by

OK, how can you find out? Is there a dependable CSS spokesperson who can eventually confirm that this would only affect CSS? I would like to know this before
Mar 19

Re: interactive SMIL being dropped by CSS (and thence, presumably by

This comes as little surprise to me. More evidence of how the SVG Working Group has abdicated their responsibilities. Why use SMIL when you can accomplish the
Mar 16

Re: interactive SMIL being dropped by CSS (and thence, presumably by

I too would like clarification of this offhand comment. Is it being dropped in CSS only (it was never really there in the first place) or SVG as well? Bruce
Bruce Rindahl
Mar 16

interactive SMIL being dropped by CSS (and thence, presumably by all

I bring this to your attention since some of you, like me have written applications that make use of SMIL and interactive SMIL. And some of you, like me, have
David Dailey
Mar 15

Text in shape alignment

Hi, I have a problem with the alignment of the text. I try to reproduce the alignment as the first image. The words are automatically cut to keep the shape of
Mar 7

Re: SVG and Google/Mapbox/Yandex Maps

Thank you, i was lost in transformations and numbers, now i have a better understanding. I'm using google static map. I am zooming with changing viewbox
Mar 7

Re: SVG and Google/Mapbox/Yandex Maps

Hello, Google Maps uses a close variant of the Mercator projection http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercator_projection, You can not convert Lat / Long coordinates
Mar 5

SVG and Google/Mapbox/Yandex Maps

Hi all, I am developing a vehicle tracking system with svg and various maps like google maps, mapbox etc. as background image. I am stuck at some point and can
Mar 5

Re: SVG with animation effect

Just thought I'd throw this into the mix. The free program, Blender, now has the ability to export animations to SVG that readily play in SVG animation enabled
Feb 26

Re: SVG with animation effect

I've costed similar projects previously and (in my neck of the woods) getting something that high quality is not cheap. But if you're prepared to use a
Oliver Mooney
Feb 26
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