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Re: [SVG] [Batik] Polygon Area

Just for the sake of discussion, why do you say that a result one “typically” wants would be for self-intersecting boundaries? In any case, that requires
Nov 13

Re: [SVG] [Batik] Polygon Area

Yes: yes, this computation remains valid whether the polygon is convex or not. HOWEVER, it does *not* give the result one typically wants for
Cameron Laird
Nov 7

Re: [SVG] [Batik] Polygon Area

Wow, Domenico! That is such a neat and concise computation. I didn't know it could be so simple. It will take me a while, I think, to figure out why it would
Dailey, David P.
Nov 7

Re: [SVG] [Batik] Polygon Area

The code below is JavaScript. Pass X and Y arrays of x and y points (clockwise or counterclockwise), and n number of vertices. If you need it for a path
Nov 6

[SVG] [Batik] Polygon Area

Dear SVG Experts, Could you please show some way to implement the area calculation for Polygon [SVG Path Element] using Java. Really appreciate this group in
Nov 3

Re: Agenda, 1 October 2015 SVG WG telcon

... From: Erik Dahlström [mailto:erik@dahlström.net] Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2015 4:47 PM To: www-svg Subject: Agenda, 1 October 2015 SVG WG telcon
David Dailey
Oct 2

Still Hope For SMIL?

This came over Blink today. It was written by PhistucK who is something like a moderator. Youtube uses SMIL and would be negatively impacted if SMIL was
Joe Doll
Sep 30

Re: CSS animation of SVG -- DIFRENT

Not to mention that Google decided to deprecate SMIL in April. Google Groups
Aug 13

CSS animation of SVG -- DIFRENT

Hi all, I have been engaged in a reeducation program (part of the W3C-school's Deprogramming Initiative For Regressive Embryonic Natural Training) DIFRENT. All
David Dailey
Aug 3

Re: Mouseover text color change is not working in IE & FF

Recently I have practiced the SVG hover effect in my railway diagram upon realizing the CSS hover does not work as expected on mobile devices. This time I used
Jul 20

Re: Mouseover text color change is not working in IE & FF

Sorry about the attribute of the style element. It should be type="text/css" instead of class="css/text". Some SVG renderer like Gnome fails to load the CSS
Jul 20

Re: Mouseover text color change is not working in IE & FF

About the temporary hover effect itself, If there is no actual "animation" I recommend using the CSS class instead of animation/set because this is far
Jul 5

Re: Mouseover text color change is not working in IE & FF

... It works for me in Firefox. What is the problem you're seeing? It won't work in IE, however, because IE does not support SVG's animation elements.
Brian Birtles
Jul 5

Mouseover text color change is not working in IE & FF

Hi I'm experiencing a strange issue with mouseover in svg graphics where a mouseover on text is not changing the color in IE and Firefox but it is working fine
Jul 5

animated story telling with SVG

ThereÆs a pretty picture at the end of this, but you have to click on it to see it. This is a mailing list, and not an SVG-enhanced social network, after all!
David Dailey
Jun 10
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