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8024Re: [svg-developers] Re: Adobe SVG Viewer with XP IE?

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  • Chris Lilley
    Nov 1, 2001
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      jdowdell@... wrote:

      > > Besides Microsoft's object tag is not exactly W3C's object tag.
      > > Actually, most of the usages I've seen are not W3C compliant!
      > > Long term object tag should be better, but I'd steer away from
      > > it for now.
      > Agreed. I'm not sure if the new OBJECT definition had a migration path
      > planned out... seemed like it would conflict with some existing realworld
      > pages and viewers...?

      The 'new' Object definition, since it dates from 1996, predates all
      object implementations. I agree that the implementations did not follow
      what those same implementors all agreed on when defining the

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