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8016Re: Adobe SVG Viewer with XP IE?

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  • Peter Sorotokin
    Nov 1, 2001
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      > > embed is recommended way of embedding SVG in HTML
      > > for Adobe SVG Viewer.
      > I'd recommend caution here... OBJECT/EMBED has discrete
      > advantages over EMBED.

      And has a huge drawback of breaking scripting. Besides Microsoft's
      object tag is not exactly W3C's object tag. Actually, most of
      the usages I've seen are not W3C compliant! Long term object tag
      should be better, but I'd steer away from it for now.

      > An ActiveX Control can often guess which renderer to invoke
      > from the EMBED
      > tag. I've seen many cases where it fails, however.

      I have never seen it failing with Adobe SVG Viewer. Let me
      know if you can find such case.

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