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8012RE: [svg-developers] Adobe SVG Viewer with XP IE?

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  • jdowdell@macromedia.com
    Nov 1, 2001
      Summary: Sure, you can see Adobe's SVG renderer in IE/WinXP. Try it! 8)

      IE6/Win and IE5.5sp2/Win dropped support for Netscape Plugins. As Peter
      noted, ActiveX Controls work in that browser, same as before.

      (Netscape Plugins work on WinXP in Netscape, Opera, and other browsers.)

      > embed is recommended way of embedding SVG in HTML
      > for Adobe SVG Viewer.

      I'd recommend caution here... OBJECT/EMBED has discrete advantages over EMBED.

      An ActiveX Control can often guess which renderer to invoke from the EMBED
      tag. I've seen many cases where it fails, however. This is why the nested
      OBJECT/EMBED structure is more often used. (Where the EMBED specifies the
      MIME type of the data, the OBJECT tag specifies the renderer itself, along
      with minimum versions necessary.)

      Note that the HTML 4.0 definition of "OBJECT" is a bit different from what
      has been implemented in browsers over the last few years... same word,
      different concepts.

      At 11:11 AM 11/1/1, Ian Forrester wrote:
      > I don't think Windows XP Professional final comes with SVG
      > support pre-loaded. I remember trying my site with no luck.
      > Could be wrong, but it also had no support for Acrobat or Shockwave too.

      The only non-Microsoft software included in Windows XP is the Macromedia
      Flash Player 5.

      Many people do install Shockwave and Acrobat after that, however...
      according to Media Metrix, they're both at about 70% consumer viewership.
      (That's for overall viewership of DCR or PDF files... different versions
      have different subsets of that overall viewership.)

      > I noticed that Altercast does nothing with PDF, either. It
      > would be really nice to have server-side conversion of SVG to PDF.

      If AlterCast could do live serverside conversion of SVG to SWF then this
      could offer wider viewership and greater interactivity.

      Has anyone done performance benchmarking on the online SVG->SWF conversions
      of Saxess, the Python implementation, other...?


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