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8009Re: [svg-developers] Adobe SVG Viewer with XP IE?

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  • Chris Lilley
    Nov 1, 2001
      Ian Forrester wrote:
      > Sorry, I have to question one thing.
      > I don't think Windows XP Professional final comes with SVG support
      > pre-loaded.

      I believe DonXML was referring to the machines at a conference, not to
      the stock installation necessarily. What he said was that if they
      installed acrobat, that would also install Adobe SVG Viewer by default.

      > From: Don XML [mailto:don_xml@...]

      > Adobe's plugin works fine on XP. While at the Microsoft PDC I
      > was able to hit my web pages that contained SVG, using the
      > computers running Windows XP in the CommNet (communication
      > network supplied by MS for participants).
      > The reason I remember is that I was surprised to find the SVG
      > viewer pre-loaded on these machines. They must have installed
      > the Acrobat viewer (which comes with the SVG by default).

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