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66284RE: [svg-developers] Database and SVG file

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  • David Dailey
    Nov 14, 2013
      Hi Aubrey,

      There are lots of different ways to proceed. Some involve more or less
      learning of SVG, and some rely more on JavaScript libraries like JQuery or

      A lot depends on what sort of server-side environment you use. Some folks
      use PHP with MySQL; node.js is gaining traction; Ruby and Python are there
      as well as many other approaches.

      Or, depending on the nature of the data, one can use minimal server-side
      stuff (to merely except parts of a large file and send them, on request, to
      a client-side program that updates the SVG based on the data.

      D3 is quite nice and there are books available now to learn about it.

      The SVG Primer at http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/IG/resources/svgprimer.html
      is a bit crusty around the edges, and though it doesn't discuss new
      developments with the integration of SVG with HTML5 or CSS3, it still
      provides a place to start learning about SVG and its scripting.

      This little thing http://granite.sru.edu/~ddailey/usmap.svg was cobbled
      together in about a day and shows how client side JavaScript can be used to
      request new subsets of census data stored on the server (using a tiny PHP
      script there) to recolor a map based on those data. The site
      http://carto.net/ provides lots of useful information about using SVG in
      mapping projects.

      Hope this helps


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      Subject: [svg-developers] Database and SVG file

      I'm wondering if anyone can make suggestions on learning how to manipulate
      an SVG file with a database or if anyone has a simple example with source

      I'm a salesman whose territory consists of 3 states. Within those states are
      counties. As sales begin to increase per county, the Fill Color of that
      county is edited by me via Inkscape. It would be nice to drive those colors
      via database and not have to alter the SVG file every time I make a large

      *This can be a very powerful tool for organizations who want to better
      understand their territories in real time and visualize growth patterns over
      a period of time.

      I really want to learn how to do this!


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