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66278RE: Looking for SVG that was/is slow in Firefox

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  • th_w@ymail.com
    Nov 11, 2013
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      Issue 852101 shows a severe performance problem.  You can easily make Firefox hang for as long as you like with this issue.


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      I've brought this up before but it's a serious problem for me and still hasn't been fixed. This is a web comic: http://www.pixelpalaces.com/dk/ done mostly in svg. There are multiple svg files but the same bug ruins most of them. Many of the frames have voice/thought bubbles etc. which relie on mouseover events on objects that have a filter that references the background. The intended effect is for something to chance color when it should be moused over. ASV 3 and Opera get this right. In all other browsers, either the object appears but are just black (usually) and still receive the mouse events or the object doesn't appear but the mouse events still work. Firefox used to do the former but now the objects don't appear and don't receive mouse events. This means that you can't read most the text in this comic making the story impossible to follow.
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      Subject: [svg-developers] Looking for SVG that was/is slow in Firefox


      To help move the performance of Firefox's SVG implementation forward I'm looking
      for as many examples of SVG out there as possible where:

      a) Firefox performance improved in the last year or so, or

      b) Firefox performance still sucks (or lags behind other browsers)

      Anyone out there care to contribute links? If we can get together a good list it
      would really help us (the Mozilla SVG team) to figure out what we should prioritize.

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