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66156Re: PDF area/layer support within Apache Batik ?

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  • krellksa100
    Jun 10, 2013
      As a quick update, I think I may have found something that may work: using FOP to convert to PDF an addressable area within the canvas area, using the "Area Of Interest" specifier (AOI).

      Does this sound right?

      If so, could anyone point me to a good code example, hopefully well-commented, that illustrates use of AOI to pick out an area to either (1) export as a PDF file, or (2) print directly to a printer.

      The idea for printing, is that the AOI specified, will have an aspect-ratio matching the target print size to be printed, in this case, either A3 or A4 paper sizes.

      I have an urgent schedule, and need to try to implement this within 3 days from now.

      Any help would be great.

      Many thanks.

      --- In svg-developers@yahoogroups.com, "krellksa100" <krellksa100@...> wrote:
      > Hi, does anyone knowledgeable with Apache Batik know how, or if it's possible to achieve the following items?
      > 1. Is it possible to specify specific addressable areas within a canvas to export to PDF or print?
      > 2. Is it possible, once an area has been specified in 1. above, to overlay an extra layer onto the PDF, so that the two layers are then exported as a PDF file, or printed?
      > What I'm trying to do in 2. above is to carve up a massive canvas into smaller areas that can then be sent to a printer or exported to a file.
      > The specified areas then need to have a separate layer superimposed on top, that contains drawing information like author, drawing number, description notes etc.
      > I don't even know if Batik is capable of this kind of thing, so I will look first, but if anyone has info on this, it might save me a load of time.
      > Thanks.
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