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65978RE: [svg-developers] Re: Loading SVG images dynamically and then accessing the dom

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  • Pranav Lal
    Nov 19 6:08 AM
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      Hi all,

      My objective is to trap the mouseover and other mmouse related events and display some attributes I capture from the clicked element. I do not want to draw anything. The idea is to create an accessible SVG reader. The user would upload a SVG file. The file would be displayed in the browser. The mouse would be moved to the origin, namely 0,0. The user then starts moving the mouse. As soon as the mouse moves on to a SVG element, data about the element will be sent to the screen reader of the user or perhaps, spoken as audio.

      As of now, I am trying to get the first part working that is, trapping the events and displaying attribute information.

      Given the above use case, am I correct in thinking that using the imbed tag would be the correct approach?

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