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65975Re: [svg-developers] Re: Loading SVG images dynamically and then accessing the dom

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  • yannick.bochatay@free.fr
    Nov 19, 2012
      personally, since it's possible in modern browsers, I would put the svg directly in html.
      And you can load and parse your file with an ajax call :

      var r = new XMLHttpRequest();
      r.open("GET", "myFile.svg",true);
      r.onreadystatechange = function () {

      if (this.readyState != 4 || this.status != 200) return;

      var parser = new DOMParser();
      var doc = parser.parseFromString( this.responseText, "image/svg+xml");
      var svg = doc.documentElement;


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      --- In svg-developers@yahoogroups.com , "Pranav Lal" <pranav.lal@...> wrote:
      > Hi Marty,
      > Many thanks for your message.
      > <snip you can
      > access the svg dom directly from the html script if you prefer.
      > PL] Do you have any pointers on how to do this?
      > Pranav

      Hi Pranav,

      I think we do the same thing that you are talking about. We use the embed tag like Marty suggested to you. When we bring in the file from the server, we parse it to the DOM. We do that with the dump() command, but the syntax varies with the browser. We put the entire file into a single group, then we attach the group to the DOM. A key question is whether you want to work with the file once you load it.

      Our embed tag looks like this.

      <embed id="hom_img" width="744px" height="652px"'
      'type="image/svg+xml" src="home_imgs.svg">'

      We establish the element we attach to like this.

      htmlObjImgs = document.getElementById("hom_img");
      SVGDocImgs = htmlObjImgs.getSVGDocument();
      SVGRootImgs = SVGDocImgs.documentElement;

      Then we attach the group to SVGRootImgs
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