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63977Re: [svg-developers] Starting Question: does SVG fit my wishes ?

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  • David Bellot
    Aug 18, 2010
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      sounds like the perfect technology for you.
      SVG can also be generated on the fly either on the server or with Javascript
      on the web browser.
      Interaction and animations are one of the strenght of SVG.

      In your MySQL database you can either store the whole file but I would
      advised to only store information that you need (like coordinates or
      whatever you need) and regenerate the SVG on the fly.

      For the PDF conversion, I'm sure you'll find plenty of good svg to pdf
      converter in PHP, it's pretty common. For help, don't hesitate to come back
      on this forum, people have a very good knowledge of SVG and always willing
      to help.


      On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 08:58, heckflosse67 <t-keller@...> wrote:

      > Hi,
      > I have to visualize a simple technical drawing (rectangles, circles) in the
      > web and look for ways to realize this. I found SVG as a possible and before
      > learning the coding I want to know, whether it will be the right way.
      > The user in the web types in some informations with koordinates and
      > everytime the grafic should be drawn / actualized. Afterwords I need the
      > same grafic to be printed as a control for himself.
      > There is a MySQL database yet which stores the informations.
      > My actual plan is to draw a svg-grafic on the screen, store it on the
      > server and print it out together with the other informations (text),
      > possible as a pdf (? i saw, that might be possible with php).
      > As you see, it is in the beginning and I don't have many knowhow on php an
      > svg (but i am willing to learn). I want to know whether this is a usefull
      > way and worth to learn these technologies. (no time to learn the wrong...)
      > Thx
      > Thomas, Germany (answers in german also nice;-))

      David Bellot, PhD

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