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  • simonshutter
    Jan 9, 2007

      Thank you for the responses. On closer inspection, it appears that
      the FF issue has two things going on. One is that the tool tip is
      appearing every time I mouse over an element. The other is that the
      tool tip code is appearing to not interpret an element's extent when
      it has been been transformed (translated and scaled). The issues do
      not occur when the tool tip code is used separately from the gui
      navigation code.

      I will email you a couple of examples to illustrate this.


      --- In svg-developers@yahoogroups.com, "Andreas Neumann"
      <neumann@...> wrote:
      > > Interestingly, it does seem to work now. I was missing an id tag
      > on
      > > my parent svg element and that appears to have fixed it. I don't
      > > know the code well enough to understand the advice on
      > > currentTranslate/currentScale but I will look at it. As of now,
      > > however, it scales the tool tip text fine at various zoom scales.
      > its an alternative approach. not necessary if you follow the
      > structure that I have given in the previous mail.
      > > Right now I notice two things:
      > >
      > > a) In IE7/ASV3 if I refresh the page it leads to javascript errors
      > > and
      > yes, I noticed this behavior in several other examples as well but
      > don't know how to fix it. It very much looks like a bug in the
      > SVG viewer in combination with IE since it does not appear in all
      > other viewers (Opera, Firefox, Safari, Batik).
      > > b) In FF2.0 the tool tip background appears whether I am mousing
      > over
      > > an element or not. It doesn't do this in IE7/ASV3 - however,
      > > tooltip demo on carto.net works fine for me in FF2.0 so I assume
      > > is something I am not doing right in my code.
      > if you provide an example I can have a look at it.
      > Andreas
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