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57806Re: carto:net - MapApp question

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  • Andreas Neumann
    Jan 9 12:46 AM
      > Interestingly, it does seem to work now. I was missing an id tag
      > my parent svg element and that appears to have fixed it. I don't
      > know the code well enough to understand the advice on
      > currentTranslate/currentScale but I will look at it. As of now,
      > however, it scales the tool tip text fine at various zoom scales.

      its an alternative approach. not necessary if you follow the
      structure that I have given in the previous mail.

      > Right now I notice two things:
      > a) In IE7/ASV3 if I refresh the page it leads to javascript errors
      > and

      yes, I noticed this behavior in several other examples as well but I
      don't know how to fix it. It very much looks like a bug in the Adobe
      SVG viewer in combination with IE since it does not appear in all the
      other viewers (Opera, Firefox, Safari, Batik).

      > b) In FF2.0 the tool tip background appears whether I am mousing
      > an element or not. It doesn't do this in IE7/ASV3 - however, your
      > tooltip demo on carto.net works fine for me in FF2.0 so I assume it
      > is something I am not doing right in my code.

      if you provide an example I can have a look at it.

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