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57107Re: Renesis Player 0.2 Release

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  • Jeff Schiller
    Oct 11, 2006
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      --- In svg-developers@yahoogroups.com, Chris Lilley <chris@...> wrote:
      > On Monday, October 9, 2006, 4:00:06 PM, Jeff wrote:
      > JS> 4) http://www.codedread.com/svgtest.svg also says that no SVG
      1.0 or
      > JS> 1.1 feature strings are implemented. Are you planning to
      support SVG
      > JS> 1.1 at all?
      > I think that more likely means that the 'feature strings' feature
      is not implemented.

      Yes, probably. Seems like a pretty important feature to get working
      in a partial implementation though ;)

      > JS> Seems like all other plugins and native implementations
      > JS> in the desktop browser space are currently targetting SVG 1.1
      > JS> none yet support SVG 1.2.
      > I am aware of four SVGT 1.2 implementations, three of them publicly
      announced, and (a different) three of them also running on the
      desktop as well as mobile devices.

      Chris, thanks for this - can you share the publicly announced ones

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