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57085Re: Renesis Player 0.2 Release

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  • Andreas Neumann
    Oct 9, 2006
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      Hi Alexander,

      I don't have the time to go into details here.

      For building any serious interactive SVG applications, support of all
      the events listed at http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG11/
      interact.html#SVGEvents and the evt object with all its properties
      and methods is absolutely necessary. Additionally, the DOM element
      traversal methods are important
      (.firstChild, .nextSibling, .parentNode, .lastChild, etc.),
      document.getElementById(), .getElementsByTagName(), etc.

      Furthermore the DOM manipulation methods, such as
      .createElementNS(), .appendChild(),
      removeChild(), .replaceChild(), .cloneNode(), .setAttributeNS(), .removeAttributeNS(), .hasAttributeNS(),
      etc. are essential.

      For any Geometry manipulations, the PATH DOM properties and methods,
      such as .getTotalLength(), .getPointAtLength(),

      An absolutely essential method is the .getScreenCTM() which is
      unfortunately missing in ASV3. It helps to translate evt.clientX/Y
      coordinates into the coordinate systems where the elements reside.

      http://www.carto.net/papers/svg/gui/ - lists a few SVG GUI elements
      that make use of JS/DOM. I believe they reflect rather well the DOM
      methods an average SVG 1.1 application might need. Of course there
      are additional useful methods out there, but if your viewer can
      handle the GUI elements listed at http://www.carto.net/papers/svg/
      gui/ I am sure your viewer will be able to display around 75% of the
      scripted SVG content out there.

      BTW, here is a useful resource when working with the DOM:
      It has cross-references to other W3C standards.

      Good luck and let me know if you need more information from me. Maybe
      other developers can add what they need most urgently.


      --- In svg-developers@yahoogroups.com, "emiasys" <emiasys@...> wrote:
      > Andreas,
      > It might be helpful to us if you could detail us which DOM
      > functionality you'd need so that we can implement the most important
      > things first.
      > Regards,
      > Alexander Adam
      > Emia Systems
      > htpp://www.emiasys.net
      > > yes, the new functionality (ActiveX, Shell extension, context
      > > etc) is definitely useful. Thanks for making it available.
      > >
      > > For serious testing it seems a bit too early. Most of my
      > > DOM examples don't yet work due to missing DOM functionality.
      > >
      > > Thanks for making the plugin/viewer available and good luck with
      > > implementing new features. Please let us know if there is
      > > with the DOM functions so we can do better testing.
      > >
      > > Andreas
      > >
      > > --- In svg-developers@yahoogroups.com,
      > > "revelonshift" <marek.raida@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Seems to be as fast as previously but with a bit more
      compatible API
      > > > and working as plugin also. Not bad, but still many of my
      static SVG
      > > > files won't display under renesism so some more work is surely
      > > > necessary. But besides ... is not bad that Renesis is not dead
      > > >
      > > > M.
      > > >
      > >
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