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51019Rotation Anchor

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  • jasonsfoster
    Aug 1, 2005
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      Hi everyone,

      Apologies if I've missed this somewhere in any documentation or in
      previous postings, but what is the most popular way of creating and
      rotating symbols?

      From what I can see the best method is create a symbol at (0,0) and
      then instantiate it via a use element elsewhere on the page. Is there
      a significant drawback in creating a new symbol each time you want to
      create one with the correct rotation, placement etc?

      The main reason I ask is that when rotating a use symbol, it appears
      to rotate around one of the corners, therefore actually moving the
      element to the wrong location. Is there a simple method of rotating a
      use element around a particular point of that element (i.e. centre)?

      Ideally, I just want it to rotate around the centre of the use
      element, to effectively "spin" it on it's centrepoint.

      Again, apologies if this is answered elsewhere.

      Thanks in advance,
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