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47953Re: Executing Java/C# server method from svg

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  • Jan
    Mar 2, 2005
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      This may be a stupid question as I am not that familiar with HTTP
      servers, but how do I do this? I was planning on writing a C#
      application which connects to another already-written C# application
      which houses a databus and connects to a database. There are
      specific methods to connect to this C# databus app and specific calls
      you have to make to retrieve data. Will I still write a C# app and
      somehow put that within the HTTP server or would I do something
      different in a different language or tool?

      Sounds like the getURL/postURL method only works with HTTP servers,

      Thanks for your help.


      --- In svg-developers@yahoogroups.com, Richard Smith <rcs36@c...>
      > It would be best to make your server application a HTTP server,
      preferably on port 80, if you want your app to be usable anywhere as
      that way it will go through proxies, firewalls etc. I think it is
      much easier in SVG to communicate via HTTP anyway, and a simple HTTP
      server is very easy to write.
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