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47920to start animation conditionally

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  • Xiaoping Gao
    Mar 1, 2005
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      I have a case like the following:
      animation element B will only start after animation
      element A end when a indicator is 0.

      I was testing a simple script like the one below:

      function hiliteWord(elId, timeStr){

      obj = svgDocument.getElementById(elId);

      I tried to pass something like
      <set id="b" attributeName="font-style"
      attributeType="CSS" to="italic" begin="hiliteWord('b',
      'a.end');" dur="100ms" fill="freeze"/>

      It didn't work.

      I checked and found that beginElementAt(..) will not
      take a string as parameter.

      Does somebody have some idea on how to do it?

      Thanks in advance.


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