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3296Re: [svg-developers] Re: ie6 & standards

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  • Lance Dyas
    Apr 4, 2001
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      Opera works??????? for crying out loud what minimal dom has to be used
      that to happen In opera you cannot for instance remove an element of the
      dom in order
      to rewrite... alah dhtml no .innerHTML or removeChild... nothing
      ... Oh yeah I get it everything is generated server side.

      Robin Berjon wrote:
      > At 06:34 04/04/2001 -0500, Lance Dyas wrote:
      > >In ns4.x they dispence SVG in ie they send vml and
      > >they thumb noses at ns6
      > Yep that's it. I've written to them several times to tell them that
      > Opera
      > and Mozilla actually work on their site (with the SVG version) and
      > that
      > their browser sniffing is broken, they answered very cordially saying
      > that
      > they'd take care of it but nothing happened.
      > A pity, it's really an interesting app.
      > -- robin b.
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