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3276Re: ie6 & standards

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  • Dylan
    Apr 3, 2001
      --- In svg-developers@y..., goessner@m... wrote:
      > i want to link the community to this article about new ie6 and web
      > standards ..
      > http://msdn.microsoft.com/voices/dude03262001.asp
      > i consider remarkable here, what dave massy says:
      > "Microsoft follows the philosophy that this content is
      > not applicable to everyone and could be a heavy burden to pay every
      > time you fired up your Web browser. Microsoft therefore provides the
      > hooks through the component technology of Behaviors introduced in
      > Internet Explorer 5 so others can supply this functionality. This
      > allows specialists in this area to supply a Math rendering component
      > that integrates very tightly with an HTML document."

      I would think that since Microsoft considered VML important enough to
      include in IE5, that adding SVG to the browser would not be considered

      -Dylan Schiemann
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